6 Things You Don’t Know About Applying False Eyelashes

A woman with green eyes and false eylashes

We’re kicking things off here at Damn Girl with a guide to applying falsies that will take your eyelashing to a whole new level! Here are 6 things you don’t know about applying false eyelashes:

1. It’s All in the Timing

Set a 30 second timer. I know, I know, you think you have a concept of thirty seconds. You think you can count on yourself to count to 30 successfully. But you don’t and you can’t.

30 seconds is the magical number of seconds in which to pop those babies on with ease. 35 seconds if it’s wet or humid out, 25 if you live in the desert.

2. Bet You Haven’t heard This One Before

For the most beautiful, natural, doe-like effect, apply your falsies underneath your lash line. No, it doesn’t hurt. It’s not any harder than applying them to the top of the lash line and it solves that pesky problem of the inner or outside corners popping up. Make sure that you don’t apply them to the inner rim part of your eye, but to the base of the lashes, just like always. I will say this method works best with more natural lashes with a thinner band. I like the Ardell Demi Wispies.

3. Use Tools

I personally just use my fingers to adhere my lashes with a little spit, while driving and talking on my phone and eating a cheeseburger during sex. But my girlfriends tell me these have been game changers for them:

Ardell Deluxe Lash Applicator. These are like eyelash application training wheels. If you really struggle with your application, you will love these. Bonus: leave your lashes in the grip for a few minutes to help soften and shape the lash band.

4. Find the Right Glue

Your glue should not feel stiff after it dries. It should feel comfortable and flexible, stick all day, and come off with ease when you decide to pull them off. When it comes to your glue, don’t settle. I love the Ardell Lash Grip in Dark. It’s great for my sensitive eyes, and the best part is that it goes on dark and dries dark, so no white glue marks!

5. Eyelash Rolling

If you don’t want to try the method of placing the falsies underneath the lash line, I strongly recommend rolling your lashes before applying them. Simply cut the lash to the desired length and roll them between your thumb and forefinger into a circle. This softens the lash band and helps prevent the corners from popping up.

Demonstrating lash rolling

6. The ULTIMATE in the No Makeup-Makeup Look

Think natural-glam. These lashes (in brown), applied with the “underneath technique” give the most lovely, striking, yet impossibly natural effect you can imagine. This is truly the ultimate no makeup-makeup look, after all, no makeup is involved. My lovely almond-eyed sister was kind enough to model the look for me:

Before and after applying false eyelashes with the underneath technique


29 thoughts on “6 Things You Don’t Know About Applying False Eyelashes

    1. haha! Oh, poor thing! Yea, I will say, it is something I learned at a young age (not like JonBenet young) but probably too young. My mother used to love telling me that my eyes were “nothing to write home about” so I had good motivation. ( it’s ok, you can cry-laugh)


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