Greasy Hair? Prolong the Shit out of Your Wash

Woman with long hair in the city

Short, long, thick, thin, blonde, or blue, nothing says, “I can’t manage my shit” quite like greasy hair. That being said, I get it: the powers that be deem that washing our hair everyday is unhealthy. Kim Kardashian is going nine days without a wash (ok five) and for some fucking reason we all have to do what Kim Kardashian says because of the deal she made one night at a crossroad.

So if you want to get away with washing your hair less, here’s everything you can do to prolong your wash.

1. Change your pillowcase every night

Have a basket with seven cases on your nightstand as an ever-present reminder to switch them out. Simply throw them in the wash at the end of the week.

Woman climbing into a dryer

Bonus: use satin pillowcases. Great for your skin and keeps hair from breaking.

2. Wash your comb and brush regularly

Combs and brushes do an amazing job of hiding scalp gunk in their many disgusting crevices. Your comb may look clean, but look closely between the bristles and behold the general filth. Aim to shampoo your combs and brushes three times a week if you struggle with greasy hair.

3. Cold water washes

A woman splashed with cold water

Washing your hair in cold water is misery. But for as god-awful as it is, the perks more than make up for it. From shedding less hair to encouraging shine to discouraging grease and breakage to prolonging color and taming frizz, it’s worth getting used to.

4. Wash hair in reverse

Condition your hair first, then shampoo it. Then make sure for the rest of the day you say “Goodbye” when you meet someone and “Hello” when you leave. Keeps your roots fresh.

5. Dry shampoo

Personal note: I, DGGYST, queen of the naturally greasy, limp hair have tried every dry shampoo known to man. Sometimes I just rub random powder into my hair to see what it will do.

Woody on top of a pile of powdered donuts

Batiste Dry Shampoo is the closest thing to a shower in a bottle I have ever found, specifically the “Bare” version. This is the only one of their many formulas that doesn’t disrupt the shine while making it look clean, clean, clean.

6. The Skinny Confidential Sleep Bun

The sleep bun is a life-saver for oily tresses. It is a double whammy against grease because by curling your hair, you divert the grease path (apparently straight hair is a Slip ‘N Slide for oil) and by clipping it gently out of your face at night, you side step any oil transference. This also gives your hair great texture and cancels out any “lift” you lose on your non-wash days.

7. Living Proof Prime Style Extender


Check out the reviews for this baby just about anywhere.

The Living Proof Style Extender works and is a great pre-step to the sleep bun. A little bit at the roots repels grease and through the length extends the life of your texture.

With this product, less is more.

8. Do a weekly jojoba oil treatment

Maybe this seems counter-intuitive but I feel like we have all been Josie Maran-ing our skin for long enough now that we can accept that the theory translates. Weekly oil treatments are amazing for your hair health but also great for your scalp. Although people swear up and down by coconut oil, for truly oily scalps go for jojoba oil. Jojoba oil has the closest makeup to your actual sebum of any oil and tricks your head skin into producing less oil.

9. Use a Turbie Twist.

Four Turbie Twists

Turbie Twists are just excellent. They are infinitely more comfortable than an entire towel. The greasy hair benefit you ask? Well, keeping your hair comfortably and securely out of your face prevents your hair from mingling with all your post-shower lotions and potions that you have all over your hands, back, neck, and face. Leave your Turbie Twist in until all your lotions and serums sink in.

Turbie twists also dry your hair quicker than a cotton towel and are far more gentle!

10. Consider henna

This magic mud adds shine, body, volume, and oh yea, redness. I am a huge henna fan, partly for the divine color, largely for the grease control, and 100 percent for the benefit of getting to look like Old Gregg for a few glorious hours every month.

Old Gregg

I would LOVE to hear your favorite tips for keeping the grease at bay and prolonging the shit out of your wash!

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57 thoughts on “Greasy Hair? Prolong the Shit out of Your Wash

  1. Great tips!! I have a list I’m planning on sharing too, I love your mention of dry shampoo. We need to change thinking when it comes to ‘dirty’ hair! One day I will have the guts to wear a turbie. Thanks for the great tips.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow, I actually never would have thought to do a lot of these things. I wash my hair every other day, and it does start to get a bit oily on the day I don’t wash it. I’ve used dry shampoo occasionally, but it really doesn’t seem to make much of a difference on my hair. I’ve tried several brands.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Regarding the tip of washing your hair with cold water- I’m not sure this is true, but I once read that giving yourself goosebumps makes the hair follicle contract and squeeze out the oil sitting inside. Supposedly if you do this and then shampoo, your hair will go longer without getting greasy because you got rid of a bit of the oil that was eventually going to leak out!

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  4. Okay, my struggle is that I work out every day and I sweat like whoa. There’s no way I can’t not wash my hair after 😦 I hate having to wash and style everyday but after a workout, it’s legit unsalvageable

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Girl I hear you! It is weird to think of Kim K working out for probably like, 18 hours, and then not washing her hair lol Although it comforts me slightly to think her scalp may be a little smelly.Thanks for stopping by and commenting and way to work out everyday!


  5. Talcum powder is fab as dry shampoo as doesn’t attract an army of midges as does the smelly spray ones (found with much horror)
    Only thing is make sure you rub/brush it in properly or it looks like your getting grey roots 😉

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Their like teenie weenie fly things that come out in summer; and apparently love dry hair shampoo. Was at a outdoor cinema with a friend and they were literally swarming around my head and she was all like why won’t they leave you alone and I was like I have no idea we must be sat on their nest or something *shifty eyes*

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Bwahahaha midgets… and love the random powder photo. Hilarious as usual. You are definitely my hero. And thanks for the tips on the dry shampoo, etc. Been trying learn about how to tweak my site all day. Had to stop by here for some inspiration and a laugh. Thank you.


  6. Great post, honestly you had me dying laughing.
    I wash my hair once a week but i’m also “blessed” with wavy/curly hair that doesn’t get oily at all… actually likes to be dry like straw. Lol, we all have our battles. That jojoba treatment will be joining my routine though. 🙂

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  7. I got 3 bottles of Batiste Dry Shampoo on clearance but can someone tell a girl how to use it? Because the instructions doesn’t make sense to me. I am a total beauty noob. Are you straying it all over the hair or aim for the roots? Do you comb it out first or wait or what?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Lily!!! Spray it at the roots from about 6-8 inches away in 2-3 quick bursts. Then use the pads of your fingers to scrub it in. Then just comb like usual! I hope this helps!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. It can be so frustrating! I’ve also been playing with braids to keep my hair off of my forehead, and putting a little toner along my hairline in the summer, when it’s grease tsunami season lol Thanks for the comment marebare!


  8. Totally trying all of these. My hair is a frigging nightmare. I can’t cope not washing it everyday – I tried once and had to go home from work at lunch to wash it as it was driving me to DISTRACTION. But washing it all the time ruins my dye job and I’m basically a big ball of over clean grey hair!

    Liked by 2 people

  9. I fucking died when I saw Old Gregg. I thought, “Now here’s a woman who gets my greasy life.”

    I sleep with a bun, and it really does make a tremendous difference. 🙂

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