Damn, Girl’s Holy Grail Products

Woman with pink lipstick looking through pink paper

Remember, Damn, Girl is one-quarter beauty blog. Mama likes to swim in the shallow end of the pool from time to time. Let’s dive in, shall we? Here are the stars of the DGGYST morning routine:

1. The Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender, how are you so amazing? You delight me everyday. You bring out the best in me, you bring out the best in my foundation, and maybe even the world. What was the point of even wearing foundation before you came along? Really, what was the point of living?

Spinning Beauty Blender sponge

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Bare

I’m not the biggest fan of the Batiste brand dry shampoo in general (covers ears at the collective screams of disbelief) but the Bare one is just amazing. I find that unlike every other dry shampoo, it soaks up oil but leaves the shine. So if you are looking for a great dry shampoo that genuinely gives you that freshly-washed look, this is the one. (If you struggle with greasy hair, check out How to Prolong the Shit out of Your Wash.)

Britney Spears singing "I cannot control it"

3. Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara

I have notoriously oily, very hooded, expressive eyes. Bobbi Brown No Smudge mascara is the only mascara I have ever used that just won’t budge, smudge, or quit. During a tear-tsunami bemoaning the most painful breakup of my life, my friend sorrowfully gave me her condolences while patting me on the back. “I love you, you are going to get through this… and also… what is the name of your mascara? Cause, god damn, it is hanging in there!” True Story.

Beyonce crying with running mascara

4. Ardell Eyelash Glue in dark

I believe that in my sixteen years of daily application of false eyelashes I have tried every lash glue known to man. For me, the Ardell dark lash glue sticks all day, removes easily, and is by far the most flexible and comfortable. It’s cheap and easy to find to boot! If you want to try it, score an additional 10 percent off your all your lashes and glues by using code DAMNGIRL at https://www.madamemadeline.com.

Girl with cat-eye lenses and giant false eyelashes

5. Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

This thing is magic and worth every penny. Sure, you might have to knock over a liquor store to pay for it, but you’ll have the best brows in prison! As a redhead, finding a brow pencil that matches my hair color and looks natural can be quite challenging. I highly recommend the color “auburn” for my fellow soulless step children.

Lucille Ball

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78 thoughts on “Damn, Girl’s Holy Grail Products

  1. What the fuck is a beauty blender? It sounds like I need one. I do, right? But like, what does it blend? And will it help me look like Charlize Theron in Mad Max, or more of a delicate flower like Emma Watson? I will take either one. Thanks.

    PS…love your blog!

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    1. Have you seen the Seinfeld episode where Elaine is obsessed with the ” Today sponge” lol That’s how I feel about the Beauty Blender. It will make you look like Charlize Theron and Emma Watson had a beautiful love child!Girl, I’ve been salivating for the new incurabledreamer post!!

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      1. Seriously, I am googling the Beauty Blender tonight, as well as the ‘Today Sponge’ cause I don’t know what the hell either of them do!! Elaine was the best, man! Loved that show. And thanks for the motivation to post, I appreciate that. Working on one tonight and am hoping to hit the ‘here goes nothin’ button tomorrow morning! Woot!

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  2. Response to #3….your friend is hilarious and sounds just like me. That is totally some sh*t that I would say!!! Glad she was there for you during your time of need. Also, glad your Mascara was there for you too. I’ve had a few that made it look like I was going to a costume party as a damn Raccoon!!!!! UGH!

    Happy Reading & Writing,

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  3. The beauty blender is such a great substitute for the poorly made sponge wand in the Kim Kardashian West Contour Kit. I use it all the time when I need to cover up my pimps. Thanks for the follow, you are my FIRST LOL. It’s actually undergoing heavy construction right now, I’m just trying to add as much content before I edit to make it readable and advisable. So when I saw I had a follower I was freaking out like “AHHH not yet, not yet, I’m not done yet ahhh, needs to be perfect first!” Hahaha. It will be up and running soon, along with my personal line of organic products, so stay tuned world! But you will always be my special #1! xoxo

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  4. I haven’t tried Batiste’s the Bare One yet. To be quite honest the other Batiste’s products haven’t impressed me so far. They left so much residue. But, I’m gonna this one a try now that you recommended it! 🙂

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  5. I love these types of posts! One of my holy grail product is Tazorac. I’ve used it for 10 years and it has really kept the wrinkles at bay… It’s for acne but it’s my secret anti-aging weapon LOL!

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  6. Ohhh sweet mercy! Beauty blenders are the tits! But seriously though, tell me more about this brow pencil. I think I need it in my life. I look like the girls from the early 90’s who plucked their entire eyebrows, except it’s just natural for me. lol Have you ever tried Maskcara’s Highlight and Contour set? I can’t wake up without it. ( Literally, I look dead if I don’t use the stuff lol)

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    1. You just can not go wrong with this pencil, the strokes are so hair-like it is like a fucking magic trick. And you try is on your hand and it’s like “hmmm…I don’t know” but on your brows, it is hair I swear to god. I have never even heard of the Maskcaras highlight and countour set, but as I am still looking for a good contour and also enjoy looking like a living person, I’ll try it!

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      1. I won’t spam you page but if you are interested and want more information I can give you my link. With your permission of course! I am NOT good at direct sales but I fell in love with it and can’t stop blabbing about it lol

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  7. hahaha! So the website link is http://www.maskcarabeauty.com/JillWatson . If you want an easy to see, totally nerdy facebook live tutorial containing FB group page you can check out my group page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1613717912034936/. The group name is Illuminated Beauty. I seriously am IN LOVE with this stuff. It’s stupid easy and the price isn’t something you have to sell your butthole for. NO JUDGING MY BROWS. They are ridiculous and struggling lol

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  8. HAHAHA the bobbi brown mascara story. Well that’s something I’m definitely adding to my long list of makeup that I don’t plan on getting but desperately want…no actually though it’s very sad…I also really want to try the Benefit fit me mascara. Ooh and speaking of funny makeup stories today I was going through Refinery29 or whatever on Snapchat and it recommended this nyx brow pomade that I just bought earlier today and I was like OH YEAH.

    I don’t wear foundation because I have pretty damn clear skin *SIGHS*. But my beauty blender does come in handy when it comes to concealer. duh. By the way I kind of love that picture at the top of the post.

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment! Whoever was sitting at the bar next to us that night was like “This chick is really heart broken over someone called Bobbi Brown” haha! Oooh, NYX brow pomade…..I have heard good things!

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  9. I’ve been using Duo Lash glue for years, mainly because beauty Influensters I watch always swear by it, but I’ve never been a huge fan. Gonna try the Ardell Lash glue next time!

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  10. So you find the ardell lash glue superior to duo? Does it have a brush? I’m just getting back into wearing falsies after being unable to apply them due to shaking too bad… benefits of the dark glue? (to blend with your liner?) I actually just bought (well, preordered, since they were sold out) my personal HG lash glue (currently).. Equido Lash Companion but it’s expensive, $15 including shipping….

    Thanks doll!

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    1. Hey Beauty! I like Duo, but I hate how it washes off. It’s sticky forever and ever and I can never get that duo goo off lol. I’ve never tried equido, but 15 bucks is super steep!


  11. I have oily hooded eyes as well so I will definitely be picking up that mascara. Also – I find the nars felt pen eye liner and also their ‘pro prime smudge proof eye shadow base’ is probably the most important purchase I have ever made. Give it a crack.

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  12. I love you! Not only do you have a filthy mouth but you are a fellow redhead!!

    I have wanted to try false lashes but was always concerned that they would be too noticeable nestled next to my natural village-of-the-damned version. I can’t wait to try the under technique with mascara. My only question is will this pull out my natural lashes? And how do they hold up while swimming?

    Also, they have a much cheaper version of the brow liner/ brow mascara made by Revlon. I personally don’t care for the the look the mascara on brows leaves. (And god forbid, if it rains! You be left with clumpy brows.) I prefer to just tint my eyebrows with permanent hair dye and use a touch of pencil.

    Of course, I’m not a millennial but rather a child of the grunge age when herione thin was in and ultra thin eyebrows were #theshit. I have no interest in looking like Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street.

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