Eight Weeks Later

Holy shit, you guys! 600 followers!

Eight weeks ago today, I started Damn Girl. Today, I am so thankful for the support of over 600 subscribers.

Old Gregg saying "you love me and you've seen me and you know me"

I love you guys. And not in that “getting-me-to-my-goals” kind of way. More like in that serious, creepy stalker way. In that “you-leave-a-comment-and-I-track-your-ass-down” way. I read your blog, I find you on Facebook, I wonder what your life is like. Real freaky like.

Isla Fisher in "Wedding Crashers"

SO many of my followers are writers, and you are the salt of the earth. You feel deeper, you go deeper, you are my tribe. You get it. You suffer and you create and…

Conan O'Brien raising his eyebrows

I want to open up more

I had a really bad experience with my first foray into being a woman on the internet which, ended in rape threats, murder threats, and illegal job offers. (It was a Kickstarter for a travel case; more on that later.)

You have restored my faith in humanity. I can’t believe the warm, loving reception you’ve given me. I want you to know more about DYGGST personally so I’ll start with a few tidbits:

1. I married Mary and Percy Shelley’s great-great-great-great-great-grandson

For the Frankenstein fans out there, you know what a cool claim to fame this is. Yes, he’s a writer. No, I don’t think he is keeping corpses in the cellar. (Yes, we have a cellar… it’s more like a dungeon. Not in a creepy way, just in the chains and handcuffs and iron bars kind of way.)

2. I grew up homeless with schizophrenic, drug-addicted parents

Technically my mom is schizoaffective and my dad has schizophrenia. My mom enjoys meth whereas my dad favors heroin, but what are a few differences in the face of love?

They lived in a van for years, roaming up and down the country making babies. My siblings and I slept in a chest of drawers till I was four. Apparently, my aunt insisted on the investment in the drawers  because for a while we were all just freely rolling from one end of the van to the other. Good times!

3. I’m really invested in my female readers

I want you to do well, in a strangely personal way. Like, If I buy anything anywhere, I check first to see if there is some female blogger’s pockets I can line beforehand. I love women, I always have. I know it’s super trendy to do the whole “women don’t like me and I don’t like them” thing, but I fucking love women. I want to braid your hair.

A girl having her hair braided by her friend.

On that note…

Damn, girl, drop your links!

Please link to your blog when you leave a comment! It makes it a lot easier to stalk you, and anything that I can do to help get your blog additional exposure, I want to do that. I think it’s so important for women to pursue their passions and their side hustles!

Thank you again for making this such a wonderful experience!

I must give a special shout out to Tanya Klein at https://www.theincurabledreamer.com/. She was one of my first followers and if you haven’t read her funny AF blog, do yourself a big fat favor and enjoy!

Stay tuned every Thursday for unsolicited advice about shit you didn’t even know you were doing wrong and if you haven’t followed me on Twitter, please do so! (For the stalking.)

162 thoughts on “Eight Weeks Later

  1. I’m in the rabbit hole now! A couple of mornings ago I decided, after 18 months of personal blogging for roughly 100 friends and family (who have NO idea what a “follow” is), that I’d start searching and following like-minded individuals with wit and talent to grow my network and have some fun.

    I found you, instead. 😉

    Actually, all kidding aside, I found you through another and dig your energy! I can change tires, but I always ask the missus to smash the spiders. It’s a thing.

    You have another male follower, one who (obviously) likes to ramble on senselessly for paragraphs at a time. Sorry about that!

    Somebody else above here is about to get that same treatment. 😁

    Congrats on the milestone! I’m looking forward to reading that blog advice post and, you know, learning to get my shit together. 😎

    Check out http://www.tombeingtom.com if you feel inclined. Skip the last two about local politics, and the car accident, and go straight to the two where I gush about my recent re-nuptials after twenty years.

    You’ll be all like, “Damn, Boy!” 😂

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  2. Hi there!!! New follower here and so glad I found you!!! I was reading posts from Quinn (when do I get the manual) and found you in the comments! I love your writing style and look forward to more posts! What do you say?! Come check out my blog (while I have been in a bit of a blog slump as of recent but promise I’m a nice gal!!) and hopefully we will chat soon!!!
    – Katrina


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      1. YES girl!!! This makes me so happy! No smokes – I promise! Although I stop smoking and I get an upper respiratory infection… what is that about!? Hope you are doing well!!! ❤ ❤ Hope to chat again soon!

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    1. I completely agree and am SO glad you “stumbled across” my blog also! You are super funny and super real. I was cracking up over here reading your stuff and I’m still scrolling. I’m all about supporting other women as well so this post resonates loud and clear! Keep being amazing!


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    1. Thank you so much! Ok, so, I have visited your blog like three times, and for some reason, specifically on your site, when I go to push the ” follow” button through wordpress, it DISAPPEARS! haha! I got it today, but it was like trying to catch a fucking leprechaun! Here’s to mutual stalking!

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  3. I just came across your blog! I’m so obsessed your style is so refreshing! Congrats on hitting that number in such a short time, that’s amazing! ❤️❤️


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  4. Wow this is beautiful, I love you and I don’t even know you 😭😭 I’m proud of you for taking control of your life and not letting your childhood dictate your future. My blog is kind of personal, you’re free to read it but I get nervous if I know someone I know is reading it then it defeats the whole purpose

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    1. Oh yea, my blog is a big fat secret! No one knows! lol! Thank you for this sweet amazing comment, I am so looking forward to reading more of your blog


  5. I’m one of those people who follows the wrong way. I have you linked to my Feedly, so I see all your new content when it pops up. However, that doesn’t show you that I’m a follower.


    I have been “following” for a little over a month (except for the last two weeks because i have been out of the country and did not have computer access).

    I love your blog and wish you all the success. You have grown quickly.

    Transformed Nonconformist

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  6. I’m one of those people who follows the wrong way. I have you linked to my Feedly, so I see all your new content when it pops up. However, that doesn’t show you that I’m a follower.


    I have been “following” for a little over a month (except for the last two weeks because i have been out of the country and did not have computer access). So, now I’m trying to get all caught up and you are going to see a bunch of my comments all come through at once.

    I love your blog and wish you all the success. You have grown quickly.

    Transformed Nonconformist

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  7. Exhausted after a long day so I wanted to relax with some simple blog post reads and your post just inspired me to pull my computer out and start typing. One of those ugh I hate you but thank you and you are amazing kind of moments!! Xoxo autumn thedysfunctionallyperfect.wordpress.com

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      1. Do you have any tips for a relatively new time blogger? After going through your blog (LOVE it btw), you have taken off. I was wondering if you could give any pointers to those (like me) who are trying to take off.

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      2. Hey Autumn. I am going to post a blogging tips post either this Thursday or the following Thursday. Thank you so much for your support ❤❤❤


  8. Congratulations on getting so many subscribers in so short a time! You truly deserve it. I can feel your energy and passion flowing through your words! It’s fun to read your articles!

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  9. I want to be 100% honest you are actually my inspiration at this point. Last week I was laying in my bed contemplating whether or not to start a blog and if I did who would really care. It had been on my mind for a moment so I went ahead and did it. I don’t regret it and I love your blog. Your 100% honest and I honestly hope to grow the way you’re doing so right now! So keep it up! I’m proud of you!


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  10. -cheesy comment incoming-
    I honestly like your blog and don’t mind ready old posts. Like the old ones and really old ones ahahaha I like the humour you out in your posts! I’ll definetly try to do that! As for now you are my blog-goal! ♡ Even though my blog has a sad note at the moment I’m planning on having a variation (you know keep the people happy!)

    Keep it up with your blog!

    Miiesche from Soulstriptease

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  11. wow!!! Congrats on your success, it is very inspirational to newbies like myself. I look forward to reading along in your story! 🙂 I’m here: dawnwairimu.com if you ever get curious to check it out! 🙂

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  12. Seriously, 600 in 8 weeks? Wow. Just total wow. That’s so cool, but I see why. I love your blog, you’re a great writer, and you bring in deeply personal stuff and then whip that around and make it funny. It’s relatable to everyone and makes me laugh out loud. The Gagging on Christmas one is so painful I can’t even bring myself to comment on it yet. You inspire me to write more honestly.

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