Eight Weeks Later

Holy shit, you guys! 600 followers!

Eight weeks ago today, I started Damn Girl. Today, I am so thankful for the support of over 600 subscribers.

Old Gregg saying "you love me and you've seen me and you know me"

I love you guys. And not in that “getting-me-to-my-goals” kind of way. More like in that serious, creepy stalker way. In that “you-leave-a-comment-and-I-track-your-ass-down” way. I read your blog, I find you on Facebook, I wonder what your life is like. Real freaky like.

Isla Fisher in "Wedding Crashers"

SO many of my followers are writers, and you are the salt of the earth. You feel deeper, you go deeper, you are my tribe. You get it. You suffer and you create and…

Conan O'Brien raising his eyebrows

I want to open up more

I had a really bad experience with my first foray into being a woman on the internet which, ended in rape threats, murder threats, and illegal job offers. (It was a Kickstarter for a travel case; more on that later.)

You have restored my faith in humanity. I can’t believe the warm, loving reception you’ve given me. I want you to know more about DYGGST personally so I’ll start with a few tidbits:

1. I married Mary and Percy Shelley’s great-great-great-great-great-grandson

For the Frankenstein fans out there, you know what a cool claim to fame this is. Yes, he’s a writer. No, I don’t think he is keeping corpses in the cellar. (Yes, we have a cellar… it’s more like a dungeon. Not in a creepy way, just in the chains and handcuffs and iron bars kind of way.)

2. I grew up homeless with schizophrenic, drug-addicted parents

Technically my mom is schizoaffective and my dad has schizophrenia. My mom enjoys meth whereas my dad favors heroin, but what are a few differences in the face of love?

They lived in a van for years, roaming up and down the country making babies. My siblings and I slept in a chest of drawers till I was four. Apparently, my aunt insisted on the investment in the drawers  because for a while we were all just freely rolling from one end of the van to the other. Good times!

3. I’m really invested in my female readers

I want you to do well, in a strangely personal way. Like, If I buy anything anywhere, I check first to see if there is some female blogger’s pockets I can line beforehand. I love women, I always have. I know it’s super trendy to do the whole “women don’t like me and I don’t like them” thing, but I fucking love women. I want to braid your hair.

A girl having her hair braided by her friend.

On that note…

Damn, girl, drop your links!

Please link to your blog when you leave a comment! It makes it a lot easier to stalk you, and anything that I can do to help get your blog additional exposure, I want to do that. I think it’s so important for women to pursue their passions and their side hustles!

Thank you again for making this such a wonderful experience!

I must give a special shout out to Tanya Klein at https://www.theincurabledreamer.com/. She was one of my first followers and if you haven’t read her funny AF blog, do yourself a big fat favor and enjoy!

Stay tuned every Thursday for unsolicited advice about shit you didn’t even know you were doing wrong and if you haven’t followed me on Twitter, please do so! (For the stalking.)

162 thoughts on “Eight Weeks Later

  1. First off, congrats on surviving your Lifetime Movie of the Week childhood. (I envision Lindsey Lohan playing your mom in a ‘my heart’s kind of in the right place but i’m so high i don’t know where it is” kind of way.) Second, you are my spirit animal. That’s all. Go back to whatever you were doing, being fabulous and saving the world and all that crap.

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    1. I would totally watch that movie with popcorn and a massive G&T. I’d blatantly have mascara running down my face within about ten minutes and then spill popcorn everywhere with a well timed Bender in Breakfast Club air punch when it all comes good.

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      1. You’re keeping the wrong guy around for either of those things. Sorry. I can change a spider into a flat spider I guess.x

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  2. Number 1 is HELLA COOL I AM JEALOUS I now want to comb through Scrubs’ family tree, see if I can dig up any awesome ancestors… and Number 2 is… impressive really that you’ve landed here in blogland with both feet fully grounded. Also a good icebreaker. You should change the lyrics to the spongebob song and introduce yourself to people with ‘WHOOOOOOOOOOO LIVED IN A CARAVAN WITH MENTALLY UNWELL PARENTS?’ or something along those lines.

    I feel like DGGYST is a natural sister blog to mine, and I’m glad you want to braid my hair because I’ve never been able to braid my own and can you please teach me?!?!


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    1. Quinn! We are all usually related to either a scientist, famous Old Hollywood actor, writer, or serial killer. I am trying to do my part with the writing and the serial killing so that one day my great grand nephew will be like ” remember that woman who killed all those people who cut her off in traffic and wrote that weird ass blog…that’s my great aunt” Your blog is my blogs sister, I love it!!! I did subscribe, prepare for the stalking!

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    1. Winter, thank you. I follow your blog religiously, but I never know what to say, because it’s just all so beautiful and heart breaking and anything I could say would just sound really clumsy compared to your writing

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  3. Just when I thought it was impossible to love you any more than I already do, you have gone and taken up a bigger space in my heart – it is overflowing with love for you right now. Your courage, humour and honesty are what I love about you so much. And to know you have achieved so much success, and have become the beautiful human you are, despite the chest of drawers you once occupied, inspires me more than I can even possibly say. You, my darling friend, are a fucking hero in my eyes, and have reminded me that any obstacle is meant to be overcome. I utterly adore you and for real want to shrink you so I can carry you around in my pocket. I am smiling so big and am so proud of you for all you have achieved with your irresistible blog, but also with your life. I knew there was a reason I saved my proposal for you. I love the absolute hell out of you, and am virtually hugging the ever-loving shit out of you right now! Can you feel it?? I am literally starry-eyed. Anyone who follows your blog is one of the luckiest people on earth, but as your friend, I know it is I, who is the luckiest person on earth. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing my blog with your many fans, it means the world to me. To be associated with you is an honour. What else can I say except that I am gushing over you and am just so happy for you, and for, well…everything. I love you, girl. So fucking much. xoxoxo

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    1. ❤❤❤❤ Tanya, you are not doing a good job of keeping our love affair a secret, what did we agree to? We would only tell family and friends AFTER the wedding. What am I going to do with you?

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  4. I commend you for what you have overcome and for channeling your experiences through the art of writing! I just started my blog a few weeks ago and you are definitely a role model. Keep on kicking ass and inspiring the rest of us!

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  5. Congratulations! 600 subscribers in 8 weeks is a phenomenal achievement! I have mad respect for you.

    I just wanted to say that your blog is so much fun! I love your posts and your humour and I find it so cool how you’re married to Shelley’s great (x5) grandson. You’ve got a bit of a celebrity status right there.

    Speaking of braiding, i love braiding! I just can’t do the fish tail braid that well but I’m learning. 🙂


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    1. Thank you so much city girl! The fishtail is not as difficult as it looks, I’m sure you will master it in not time, as a city gal myself, I’m stoked to check out your blog!

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    1. Oh God! It makes so much sense now! I have had like four people comment to me “I finally realized what your acronym stands for” and I’m like.. “oh…yea…kewl” but now I realize I’m DoggyStyle and really repressed.

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  6. Well done on your success! Given your life no one can say it’s luck or circumstance, you’ve clearly worked hard to be where you are so sending lots of love your way to help you celebrate your achievements, not just with your blog, but y’know, life in general.

    xx Bry Jaimea

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  7. First off, congrats on the milestone! That quite the feat. I’m still about 50 shy of that number and I just had my one year blogiversary yesterday! Second, I love your writing style! I’m so glad I saw your comment on Quinn’s post. I hope we can be best friends!

    And here is a link to my blog. Hope you like it! https://bexoxoblog.wordpress.com/

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  8. Damn gurl!! Or given that I have outed myself as a Brit perhaps one should say golly gosh! You continue to go up and up in my estimations (I’m mentally braiding your hair from across the pond as I type) but I don’t know where to start on this one… You are a certified badass. In fact that’s not even enough, you’re a motherfluffing force to be reckoned with who shines brightly amongst the drudgery. I’m COMPLETELY in awe of 600 subscribers in 8 weeks, I mean that shit is MAD Y’ALL (turns out I get all American when I’m excited. I’m like, so cool.) Having had my blog for 7 years I have *ahem* 32.

    I remain your biggest fan and will watch adoringly as you continue to rise.
    A xx (Did that last bit sound creepy? I mean you know me, I’m your basic internet creep LOLZ)

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      1. I thought all my comments were going into some WordPress black hole although with some of the comments I’ve been overexcitedly spewing across the internet this evening, that might not be a bad thing 😉

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    1. Oh lady, thank you so much. I’m so glad you commented because realized I wasn’t following your blog formally, which is nuts since I’m on it all the time!


  9. Thank you for commenting on one of my blog posts! I’m so happy you did that way I could discover (and stalk!) you, too. Congratulations on 600+ followers! From what I’ve read of your blog so far, you deserve it. Thanks for opening up about your husband and your parents/early life and your love of women! You’re a cool, strong, digital feminist icon that I can get behind. 💪

    (P.S. Following you on Twitter and WordPress @ kaiyaknox.)

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    1. Kaiya! I just loved your voice on your blog, if that makes sense! I saw your beautiful face pop up on my twitter and I was like ” hey girlll heyyy!” lol Thank you so much for this lovely lovely comment

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  10. I’d love to meet you in person and love your humor and style! I also grew up with addicted parents, although their drug of choice was alcohol…Then I also had to battle my own demons and am now watching my son fight his…addiction is a bitch that’s best fought with humor and a light touch. Thanks for sharing a piece of your story ❤️. http://www.djranch.org

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    1. Donna Thank you so much! I’m so sorry the struggle continues with you and yours, there is definitely a genetic component to these things =( ❤️ ❤️ ❤️❤️ ❤️

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  11. Congrats the huge growth of followers in only 8 weeks! That’s incredible!! I also, love that you are so supportive of other bloggers and empowering women. Can’t wait to see the stuff you come up with next!

    Come check me out anytime at:

    xo, Chelsea

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  12. Wait, what?! You’ve only been doing this for eight weeks? I assumed you’d been doing it for years and I’d missed out on all sorts of great stuff, but nope! FINALLY I AM AN EARLY ADOPTER OF SOMETHING.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re here, and I will keep reading your blog, and I also love braiding hair (but only my own), and feel free to stalk me on the internet.


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    1. Your beautiful face popped up in my WordPress reader and I was like “whatever this chick tells me to do, i’m doing it” lol I actually shared your post on how mens clothes are supposed to fit with my husband!

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  13. I feel late to the party haha. You’re pretty much my Day One (first to like and comment on my first post) Your blog name is my mantra, and your humor and now your life story is relatable to me, so I’ve been a fan ever since. Congrats on the crazy ratio of followers to duration of writing on here!(They should have cards for that) Keep writing and blogging I know myself and a lot of others want to hear what you have to say.

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  14. I thoroughly enjoy your amusing writing style, it’s as if being in a conversation directly with you. Your posts are always pure entertainment. I am intrigued by your unfortunate upbringing and how you seem to be, shall we say, a Phoenix risen from the ash. Girl power and all that jazz. Looking forward to future posts.

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  15. I’m not a writer, but I’m trying to be one. You make me want to be better writer. I think you are hilarious, and it’s likely that we are soul-friends. You have liked a post of mine but here is my link anyhow: ashleymwr.wordpress.com

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    1. Damnit Aleksandra, I promised myself I wouldn’t follow anyone new on WordPress for the next month until I caught up with the other blogs I follow , but your beautiful face and your beautiful blog were like “come on what’s one more? eh?eh?”

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