Shit You Might Not Know Because No One Tells Millennials Anything

Girl in a dryer at a laundomat

Let me preempt this post by saying: maybe you had awesome boomer parents who were wise and gave you guidance and provided you with endless opportunities and pearls of wisdom. In which case, ask them if they are up for adopting a 29-year-old blogger who sometimes only pretends to wash her hands for the comfort of others and is not above eating things out of the garbage.

George Costanza eating out of the trash

But this post is for the rest of my contemporaries who, in our guidance-free lives, use #adulting and call all of our other millennial friends when we discover how to load a fucking dishwasher.

Our general cluelessness and enthusiasm for life hacks has been on my mind a lot and has led me to conduct a very unscientific poll. This week I have been asking all my millennial friends, “What is the best piece of advice you ever got from your parents?”

This was no easy assignment. Mostly they just looked confused and it took everyone at least two minutes to come up with anything at all.

Does, “Here’s a Stouffer’s frozen dinner, I’ll be getting drunk on the lawn,” count as advice?
– Sara

“Wipe front to back”, although my mom told me that meant wipe your vagina first, then your ass, which, is not actually what that means….
– Brin

“Don’t have sex till you’re married,” which meant I got married to have sex, and my idea of a good time and his idea of a good time was not at all a good time. We’re divorced now.
– Alexa

– Jo

I started going to college to be an engineer and after taking a poetry class decided to switch my major to poetry…my mom told me it was a great idea and to go for it…
– Sean

A sad state of affairs. So I decided to make a list of the things that you probably should know, but don’t because you’re a millennial and no one tells us shit.

1. The clitoris is the size of a zucchini

I know that you just frowned at that and said, “Oh, poor DGGYST. That’s called a penis, honey. You have a penis.”

For realsies, I do not have a penis. I have a zucchini clit and so do you! Apparently what we consider to be the clitoris is but the tip of the iceberg, the squash blossom if you will. Most of it is simply not visible to the naked man… I’m sorry, eye, the naked eye. Not only is it huge but the clitoris grows as you age, and by the time a woman is 32, the clitoris is four times the size it was at the onset of puberty. I’m working on the “Happy full-size clitoris” birthday cards as we speak!

2. Speaking of sexy vegetables…

Bell peppers with four bumps are female and are sweeter and better for eating raw. Bell peppers with 3 bumps are male and probably are not going to return your phone calls are better for cooking with.

A red and a green bell pepper

3. You are supposed to close your mouth when you brush your teeth

To access the teeth in the back upper quadrants of your mouth, you need to close your mouth. Maybe you are smarter than I am, but for 29 goddamn years (also known as 3 years till full clitoris day), I have been just opening my mouth wider to get back there. But that is not correct. There is one part of one tooth you will always miss unless you do the following jaw shifting oral dance.

You close the mouth and jut your jaw to the side you are brushing to create adequate space. Try it with your finger. I’ll wait. Touch the cheek side of the very back tooth on the upper right or left side of your mouth. Now open your mouth as wide as possible. You were just kicked off that tooth like a cowboy at the rodeo.

Now find the tooth again, close your mouth almost all the way but not quite and jut your lower jaw to the same side your finger is on. Viola. Space. Eureka! Feelings of joy at learning how to take care of yourself followed swiftly by feelings of resentment that you were never taught how to brush your fucking teeth!

4. The motherfucking saver’s credit

The formal name of the saver’s credit is the “retirement savings contributions credit.” I know it’s boring but hang in there, baby!

Essentially, you chuck a grand or two into a ROTH IRA…

Lindsay Lohan being bored

and at the end of the year you claim it on your taxes…

Lisa Kudrow being bored

and you get it back in your tax return.

You did it! Now you don’t have to eat cat food in your golden years! It’s free money and it’s easy to set one up!

Tell me DG readers, what is the best piece of advice your parents gave you, or something that you wish you had known? We’ll put them in the sequel!

Join DGGYST every Thursday for more advice on shit you didn’t know you were doing wrong and be sure to follow!

Oh, and you can take your finger out of your mouth now.

176 thoughts on “Shit You Might Not Know Because No One Tells Millennials Anything

  1. While Im not a millennial [Im in the dreaded Gen x] Moms advice to me was “oh do what feels right’ Ok, I think I took that too literally as what felt right in very early adulthood was looking like a neanderthal…. very long hair, beard, machine gun belt in place of, say, a leather belt. Yeah, doing what feels right doesnt always get you the best jobs…or bank loans etc

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  2. ‘Size of a zucchini!’

    I was drinking hot chocolate and as I read that, it just squirted out of my mouth and nose. Thanks for making me laugh. 🙂

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  3. Great read. Interesting insight into the much maligned Millennial. My oldest is 21 but I would love to know what she thought my best advice was


  4. This post is so funny! You’ve got a gift for writing! Not sure if this is the best piece of advice I ever got but it definitely is one that I need to live by: ” get things done before they pile up.” I’m a pretty bad procrastinator. Lol

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  5. Oh my god that comment about becoming a poetry major could be me! What the…no joke, I have an art degree and now, 15 years later, I’m back in school taking all the math and science I flipped the bird to years ago, so I can apply for med school and be a doctor. Thanks for the sound advice, ‘rents! 😉

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    1. Oh yea lol, that is a good 40 percent of my friend group. One girlfriend just got her doctorate in philosophy and is applying for jobs at Target. 👎☹️ That is awesome that you are going to be a doctor! Fuck yea! 🤗😎😎

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  6. Well they say you learn something new everyday!
    Going to spend the rest of the day googling size of zucchinis while grimacing.

    Lots of bits of advice from my parents that I didn’t realise were advice until now. One that stands out from my Grandad is ”Work to live, don’t live to work” and ”Friendly with many, familiar with none” talking mainly about work colleagues there..
    One that sticks out from my dad is just ”don’t be an arsehole” which lots of people need to take on board!



  7. I’m born in ’63. No idea what gen that makes me. Punk I guess. Because that was my time. You see, in Europe generations are a bit diffferent from the States. Anyhoo, best advice my momma ever gave me was sumfink like dis: “Open and close doors by the handle (or doorknob). Dontcha touch the glass panel with your smeary fingers!”
    I’m now 54 and still today won’t touch any glass surfaces with my bare hands. Even “allergic” to touch phones and tablets and touchy computer screens.
    Living without mobile phone saves me a lot of money too. 🙂
    Thank you, mom.


  8. The best advice ever was not from my Mom but my first boss. She always started each day by saying, “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” It was 1973 and she was trying to break thru the glass ceiling. Sadly, she never was promoted even though she graduated with an MBA, first in her class from DePaul Univ. In spite of the “bastards” Lucille, my first supervisor, gave her best every day. Those bastards never dragged her down!

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  9. “I’m going to graduate from UNI (University for us non-millenials), get a job at a bank when I’m 23 and make $100k a year, buy a house and two rental properties by 25.” Hamza, 22, bank teller applicant interview

    Me: “that’s very ambitious of you. How much do you have saved?”

    Him: “nothing. My parents are going to give me the money from the equity they have in THEIR house.”

    Me: “fuck YOU, millennial.”

    True story.

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  10. I am f**king crying – this is amazing.
    I used to be really self conscious about having small boobs but my mum just said “anything more than a handful is a waste”… thanks mum.


  11. FUCK YES. A MILLION TIMES FUCK YES! (Im sorry. You can probably guess what my favorite word is). I’m pretty sure my parents gave me advice, but I’m sitting here and for the life of me I can’t remember ANY. THING. I think the most recent advice my dad gave is to stop being my own hirer and firer (I’m an intern now and looking for what I have deemed to my big girl job and recently applied for my dream company but I keep listing the hundred reasons why they won’t hire me. Yeah, I know. Positive thoughts. Blah, blah, blah.)

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  12. These are all so true, haha. Here’s another teeth related one – I was always told “brush your teeth” so I never really connected how important it is to brush your gums. I mean, we weren’t taught extremely basic things. We’re a generation of latch-key kids who taught ourselves everything from how to shave to how to change the oil in our car, how to balance a checkbook to how to keep our shit together. Thank God for youtube – the essential resource for our “self-taught generation”.

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  13. When I went off to college as a freshman my mom had written me pages of dos and don’ts in a book she made just for me. On the list was “don’t have any boys in your room.” I then decided that she couldn’t relate to me and kindly placed the book on a shelf specifically for catching dust. I ended up losing my scholarship due to poor choices and a boy but I was always in HIS room so her advice was half baked. LMBO jk it was sound advice

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  14. My mom once told me, “Don’t use tampons until you are married or you’ll lose your virginity.” Um how does that make sense lol. I suppose she was implying 2 things; that sex only takes place when people are married and that sticking a tampon into my vag equals virgin no more??

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  15. TIL why my dentist gave me side-eye when I explained to him that I, a grown-ass adult, can’t fit the wee toothbrush into the back of my face to get to the backs of my teeth. Stunned.

    Turns out I just have never had any idea how to brush my teeth because, like everyone else in my generation, I was raised by cats. O_____o’

    (Which, by the by, probably explains why cats run the internet: they remind us of our parents, because they ARE our parents.)

    Thank you for hilariously teaching me how to brush my teeth and also that I am not alone in this. Oh, and for giving me permission to take my finger out of my mouth because I have a gig tonight and that would be weird.

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  16. My parents didn’t give me a lot of advice, but the advice they did give me was helpful. The piece of advice I’ll share with you all is the advice that sums up my dad’s personality the best. The summer before college, he pulled me aside and told me, “Don’t trust men because all they want from you is sex. Don’t smoke weed because it’ll make you fat. Don’t get pregnant because kids take all of your money. Don’t smoke cigarettes because it takes all your money and will give you cancer.”

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  17. My dentist will be so happy that after 32 years I finally learned how to reach that tooth! Also, I knew my last birthday felt special for some reason. I thought it was because it coincided with the solar eclipse, but now I know: it was my full clitoris day.

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