So, You Want a Blogging Tip…

Damn, Girl has been growing a bit fast. OK, scary fast.

My little three-month-old blog is reaching toward fifteen hundred followers and tens of thousands of views. Companies are starting to contact me about promoting their shit. Every blogger’s dream, right?

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But I am not writing this to brag. I am writing this because I’ve been getting dozens of emails asking for blogging tips… And apparently “day drinking” isn’t cutting it

So let me try and muster something better: Let’s start by knocking off that “I feel bad for promoting myself” shit.

I could tell you to “post pretty pictures” and “be patient” but those tips are everywhere and they are a lot easier than what you actually have to learn how to do:

As a blogger, you need to get comfortable with needing things. More than that, you need to get comfortable asking for those things that you need.

So… you need things?

So, you want to be heard, and have a sense of community, and share, and learn, and maybe even make some Satan paper? I mean money?

You mean you have expenses and dreams and goals and you are trying to accomplish those things? You mean you’re just like me and everybody else?

Damn, girl, you are just going to need to make peace with that.

What’s with the shame?

I get why you may feel tentative to ask for things like “views” and “monies” and “community support.” Unfortunately, there are places where the message seems to be:

“Promote, Promote, Promote! (But not here, you scheming trollop!) Reach! Succeed! Power poses! Power Poses While You Sleep! (But, like, stop spamming, ok?)”

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I get where that hesitation to self promote comes from. It’s a strangely vulnerable thing to admit that you aren’t a completely self sufficient island, isn’t it? Starting out is difficult. Sharing your innermost thoughts with strangers who could reject you is difficult. Asking to be heard, asking for community, and asking for money… well, that takes a whole new level of bravery. 

The thing is: getting comfortable asking for things is the first step towards building a community. And successful blogs are about nothing if not community.

When you are here, at Damn, Girl, Get Your Shit Together, it’s ok to promote yourself.

 There is no scarcity in my house. When you ask for community, when you ask to be heard, when you ask for money, all I see is your bravery. When you are here, it’s ok to need things. Please use Damn, Girl as your launching pad. Use it to practice promoting yourself. What I am saying is: for the love of god, drop your links at the end of a comment. You’re safe here!

All Aboard!

Still feeling shit about promoting yourself? Ok, I’ll take the first step:

Things are taking off for DGGYST and I’ve decided I’m taking you with me. I am featuring eight blogs a month in my sidebar. Check them out! (See how easy that was?) These are blogs I love to read; they make me laugh, or cry or think. I’m changing these out every month; you may find yourself buttoned soon!

Read those blogs, comment on them, follow them. Want to build faster? You ambition thing! If someone leaves a awesome comment down below that speaks to you, go play with them! Soon we will have a bitchin’ army and a super-powerful community!

DGGYST Asks: Pick your favorite Damn, Girl post and share it on Facebook! ‘Cause I need things too.

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