So, You Want a Blogging Tip…

Damn, Girl has been growing a bit fast. OK, scary fast.

My little three-month-old blog is reaching toward fifteen hundred followers and tens of thousands of views. Companies are starting to contact me about promoting their shit. Every blogger’s dream, right?

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But I am not writing this to brag. I am writing this because I’ve been getting dozens of emails asking for blogging tips… And apparently “day drinking” isn’t cutting it

So let me try and muster something better: Let’s start by knocking off that “I feel bad for promoting myself” shit.

I could tell you to “post pretty pictures” and “be patient” but those tips are everywhere and they are a lot easier than what you actually have to learn how to do:

As a blogger, you need to get comfortable with needing things. More than that, you need to get comfortable asking for those things that you need.

So… you need things?

So, you want to be heard, and have a sense of community, and share, and learn, and maybe even make some Satan paper? I mean money?

You mean you have expenses and dreams and goals and you are trying to accomplish those things? You mean you’re just like me and everybody else?

Damn, girl, you are just going to need to make peace with that.

What’s with the shame?

I get why you may feel tentative to ask for things like “views” and “monies” and “community support.” Unfortunately, there are places where the message seems to be:

“Promote, Promote, Promote! (But not here, you scheming trollop!) Reach! Succeed! Power poses! Power Poses While You Sleep! (But, like, stop spamming, ok?)”

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I get where that hesitation to self promote comes from. It’s a strangely vulnerable thing to admit that you aren’t a completely self sufficient island, isn’t it? Starting out is difficult. Sharing your innermost thoughts with strangers who could reject you is difficult. Asking to be heard, asking for community, and asking for money… well, that takes a whole new level of bravery. 

The thing is: getting comfortable asking for things is the first step towards building a community. And successful blogs are about nothing if not community.

When you are here, at Damn, Girl, Get Your Shit Together, it’s ok to promote yourself.

 There is no scarcity in my house. When you ask for community, when you ask to be heard, when you ask for money, all I see is your bravery. When you are here, it’s ok to need things. Please use Damn, Girl as your launching pad. Use it to practice promoting yourself. What I am saying is: for the love of god, drop your links at the end of a comment. You’re safe here!

All Aboard!

Still feeling shit about promoting yourself? Ok, I’ll take the first step:

Things are taking off for DGGYST and I’ve decided I’m taking you with me. I am featuring eight blogs a month in my sidebar. Check them out! (See how easy that was?) These are blogs I love to read; they make me laugh, or cry or think. I’m changing these out every month; you may find yourself buttoned soon!

Read those blogs, comment on them, follow them. Want to build faster? You ambition thing! If someone leaves a awesome comment down below that speaks to you, go play with them! Soon we will have a bitchin’ army and a super-powerful community!

DGGYST Asks: Pick your favorite Damn, Girl post and share it on Facebook! ‘Cause I need things too.

388 thoughts on “So, You Want a Blogging Tip…

  1. Freaking awesome blog girl! It’s a breathe of fresh as I am sick and tired of reading stuffy blogs! Soooo here’s my pitch (ain’t no shame in my game) …..I’m a new travel blogger at . As much as I would love to say that I blog about luxurious and exotic locations….I don’t. I blog about realistic vacations with real budgets. Stop buy and support a sister will ya? I promise to support you right back xoxo


  2. Thank you for liking my blog!! I read your post and you have such a realnessand transparency with things which makes your blogs so enjoyable to read! I will be sure to check you out as I am a new blogger hoping to bring awareness to pregnancy and infant loss!! Please continue to read my blog at I would appreciate it and any suggestions you have!

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  3. Looks like you have this blogging thing down! I only started my blog this month and hope that someone gets a kick out of reading my posts or relates to it or whatever really 🙂 I love this post and have read a few of your posts and love the reality of it all! Something I hope to aspire to, being completely real and allowing the community of bloggers to enjoy and relate or plainly have fun with writing!
    Let’s see where this goes! Link to my blog –

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  4. This is probably the best blogging tip that I have ever received. Practical and effective – like all of your advice. Go Girl!

    None of this waiting around for things to just ‘happen.’ There is always light at the end of the tunnel – but we need to stomp up that tunnel and turn on the switch!

    Please join my hubby and I on our travels in Europe and let’s do some cross promotion! Among other adventures (the Honeymoon from Hell in Costa Rica being one of them!) we gave up our jobs to travel in a caravan with four dogs. Check out

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  5. Hi There! I have been around for 4 1/2 years and would love your support and that of your readers. I’ve had an extensive career as a music journalist, but I still don’t have the numbers on my blog that I believe I should at this stage. I also don’t blog consistently but will try and keep it up this year! I have larger followings on my social media than I do here?! Would love your advice! Xo


  6. Your blog is one of the most refreshing I have seen – great content that has me chuckling throughout at the way you write about everything and anything. People have been looking at me with slightly odd side glances when I start doing it in coffee shops! haha. I have just started out in the blogging world, but would hugely appreciate any sharing of my site that you are able to do!! Its all about handy practical advice and bite-sized tips on how to challenge your daily thoughts and actions that are holding you back from reaching your full potential – 🙂

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    1. Renee, Jesus your blog is beautiful! And I read your bio and it’s like “step mom to four kids” and I was like….that is a lot for a woman who is clearly 20 years old.


  7. Don’t know if i can reach the levels you have but i am definitely one of those people that really want to build a community of followers. This was a great post. One of your best. My top favorites!


  8. Thanks so much for your like on my post Mexican Food Revolution. I’m inspired by your ass-kicking, name-taking style and I relate so much to…well most everything you write, except for the millennial thing because I’m 44. Honestly, reading your blog makes me feel like a wallflower at the school dance, but hey, voice is fickle that way. Getting over myself, here’s my blog Thanks for reading.

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    1. You are all deep and wise over at wildwomanista. Thank you so much for your support, I love your blog, with all it’s feels and thinking and smartness ( it is so so a word, shut up)


  9. Just started my blog and this was super helpful and straight forward!! Many other posts with tips are all the same but this was very honest. Thank you!! ( my blog is )


  10. OMG, I love you and this. This feistiness is why I started my blog. I too wanted a place where I could be authentic and take the gloves off, so to speak. Mostly, in talking to small business owners (achem, bloggers and photographers) who are terrified of sales and asking for money for their hard work. As if work should be free and magically we still can afford avocados.

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  11. Congrats on success; 1500 in 3 months is great.. Well,help me out and check out my new blog post fresh form yesterday.. You can take a quick look on rest, they are pretty interesting I promise 😂😁😉😉

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  12. No shame in a little self-promoting! In fact, I’m thinking of publishing my new book soon (see how natural that was?) and will likely be promoting it on here too.

    When I first started blogging, I was wary of promoting myself. I’ve never been one to initiate anything in my life, and have always expected people to come to me. I’ve realized if anything, my writing is different. I need to get out there, to get readers to notice me. To know my writing exists, so that they can at least take a look at it and know it’s there for them!

    My name is Angie and here’s a link to my blog: I write poetry, short stories and essays! Would love to meet new readers here ❤️

    Thank you so much for sharing this by the way! Really appreciate it- you just gave us all a little confidence in getting ourselves out there 🙂

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  13. Well Damn, Girl, you see if I don’t take you up on this offer 😉 The timing of seeing this post is sublime. I struggle with putting myself ‘out there’ and I’ve just finished a little project for which I really need to put on my big girl pants and promote! As I’m mostly about that very fickle and subjective beast ‘humour’, I accept I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But I would like to introduce Madame Charlatan to anyone who fancies a peek into my world, she will take you from there…….
    Great advice DG and will be popping in on some of you above 😉 1500 in 3 months? Over double that now. Wow!

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  14. I loved reading this because I just started blogging and honestly I am just here because I need to get my thoughts out and this is a way to do so. I realized I love it even though I am a shitty writer LOL. But anyways if anyone wants to check me out feel free to do so and leave me your info. Lets be friendss!!!!!!!!

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