So, You Want a Blogging Tip…

Damn, Girl has been growing a bit fast. OK, scary fast.

My little three-month-old blog is reaching toward fifteen hundred followers and tens of thousands of views. Companies are starting to contact me about promoting their shit. Every blogger’s dream, right?

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But I am not writing this to brag. I am writing this because I’ve been getting dozens of emails asking for blogging tips… And apparently “day drinking” isn’t cutting it

So let me try and muster something better: Let’s start by knocking off that “I feel bad for promoting myself” shit.

I could tell you to “post pretty pictures” and “be patient” but those tips are everywhere and they are a lot easier than what you actually have to learn how to do:

As a blogger, you need to get comfortable with needing things. More than that, you need to get comfortable asking for those things that you need.

So… you need things?

So, you want to be heard, and have a sense of community, and share, and learn, and maybe even make some Satan paper? I mean money?

You mean you have expenses and dreams and goals and you are trying to accomplish those things? You mean you’re just like me and everybody else?

Damn, girl, you are just going to need to make peace with that.

What’s with the shame?

I get why you may feel tentative to ask for things like “views” and “monies” and “community support.” Unfortunately, there are places where the message seems to be:

“Promote, Promote, Promote! (But not here, you scheming trollop!) Reach! Succeed! Power poses! Power Poses While You Sleep! (But, like, stop spamming, ok?)”

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I get where that hesitation to self promote comes from. It’s a strangely vulnerable thing to admit that you aren’t a completely self sufficient island, isn’t it? Starting out is difficult. Sharing your innermost thoughts with strangers who could reject you is difficult. Asking to be heard, asking for community, and asking for money… well, that takes a whole new level of bravery. 

The thing is: getting comfortable asking for things is the first step towards building a community. And successful blogs are about nothing if not community.

When you are here, at Damn, Girl, Get Your Shit Together, it’s ok to promote yourself.

 There is no scarcity in my house. When you ask for community, when you ask to be heard, when you ask for money, all I see is your bravery. When you are here, it’s ok to need things. Please use Damn, Girl as your launching pad. Use it to practice promoting yourself. What I am saying is: for the love of god, drop your links at the end of a comment. You’re safe here!

All Aboard!

Still feeling shit about promoting yourself? Ok, I’ll take the first step:

Things are taking off for DGGYST and I’ve decided I’m taking you with me. I am featuring eight blogs a month in my sidebar. Check them out! (See how easy that was?) These are blogs I love to read; they make me laugh, or cry or think. I’m changing these out every month; you may find yourself buttoned soon!

Read those blogs, comment on them, follow them. Want to build faster? You ambition thing! If someone leaves a awesome comment down below that speaks to you, go play with them! Soon we will have a bitchin’ army and a super-powerful community!

DGGYST Asks: Pick your favorite Damn, Girl post and share it on Facebook! ‘Cause I need things too.

467 thoughts on “So, You Want a Blogging Tip…

  1. Damn Girl, I got 200 followers and I feel like I’ve been blogging forever. Realistically, it’s more because I don’t interact enough, and you’re right, I am scared to self promote and ask for shares and follows.

    That said, you can find me at and I would love if you checked out my blog, I will absolutely check out yours. I love having long comment threads because I am a lonely lil hermit surrounded by children and starved for adult interaction.

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    1. Great Post Idk why i use to feel embarrassed to tell people imma blogger NOW i say it LOUD AND PROUD! Every time someone ask me what i do for a living I say blogger (granted im not making a living from it STILL)

      Another tip I have is just to WRITE! Just write and post dont worry about hits likes just write! The more you write the better chance you have with getting readers (she says with minimum readers! lol)

      anyways THANKS Again for the post and the community!


  2. Wow gurl, props to you. I’ve been blogging on and off for a year or two now (over multiple “projects”) and I have read the common crap you mentioned before getting real. You’re so right and it’s so fantastic of you to offer this as a “safe place” for people looking for help and community. Way to be real.

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  3. The word Trollop might be one of my favourites of all time and I sooo badly want somebody to call me that, just for shits and giggles – it’s amazing!! Just like this blog post. You are not only a gift to the blogging world, but to the world in general, for SO many reasons. My appreciation and love for you is seriously through the roof. As humans, we have such a hard time talking about ourselves, and it’s fucking ridiculous! Shouldn’t we all think we are amazing beings deserving of appreciation and love? You are someone who is going to lead the way and show us all how to stand up for ourselves and not be afraid to ask for what we need. That is something that will serve all of us in every aspect of our lives. So, thanks so much for being a star and offering such generosity and kindness to all of us. It has truly been an honour to be a button on your blog, and I can’t thank you enough. I love you, darlin, and am so incredibly proud of you and the success you have already achieved! xo

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    1. It shouldn’t be vulnerable to ask others for a connection. Let alone the most vulnerable thing. Thank you so much for giving me such a warm reception to blogging, you were the first person I felt that connection with, and I’ll be showing you my gratitude in every way I can forever. Love you!

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  4. Every Thursday I look forward to what you have to tell us girls.. and by that meaning the girls like me who are just living day by day without a plan for the next meal!

    Everyone check out my blog!

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  5. Thank you so much for reading and liking my post “Dear Daughter!” I am following your blog as well. I just started blogging myself…. Like seriously blogging. Thanks for allowing us to share our websites as well! I’ve book marked this page so that I can go down the line and check them all out because I know what it is like starting out and not having anyone reading your content! Damn girl, you’re pretty awesome!

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  6. Appreciate this post so much. I’ve enjoyed the comments and adding blogs to my list of things I follow myself! What a sense of community!!

    Hey guys!! My name’s Cait. You can read my crazy chronicles here 👇🏽

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  7. Wow! Your blogs are such a delight! When i saw you liked a post on my blog and i read your blog posts, i was blown away! The flow, the language and rhythm are superb and unlike any other. Uniquely different and i see why your blog also have a unique name! You are an inspiration!
    Please go look me up on Follow, like and comment and i will do right away.
    Thanks for this and God bless you real good for wanting to carry us along and i hope i get featured on your blog someday soon!

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  8. Hey sweetie- it’s funny but the first thing they tell you when you start a blog is to like others’ blogs, because those of us who write them are the ones of us who also read us and like us! I hadn’t done this until we connected and this first advice turned out to be good advice after all- but then, who of us wacky gals ever takes good advice? Right? Thanks for this! I hope you include my “Don’t Pee on my Rocks” which is my cutest post ever sometime.

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  9. I use my blog like a journal. I write my feelings and what I’m going through. It’s raw and real but it’s ME!!! That’s the only reason I started my blog. I didn’t do it for fame or recognition or just to be cool. I done it as an outlet to express myself and help others who may be feeling the same way as me. I love the tips that you provided. It’s good to see other women like yourself that empower other women. Thank you for sharing. 😍😍😍

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  10. Once again I’m impressed and touched by your post. I’ve been following you for 3 weeks and look forward to your posts each Thursday. Building a community is an amazing idea! I recently started contributing to an online magazine and will share your blog with my colleagues. In the meantime, I’ll share this post via facebook cause I just think it’s that good and everyone should read you! You can find me at, or at the See you next week!

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  11. It’s really refreshing to see someone who is like, “Yea, promo your shit here!” It seems like a lot of bloggers (or other social media personalities) are like, “Please don’t try to use me as a springboard for views,” even though that’s exactly how they got started.

    I would promote myself, but I don’t have anything TO promote, really. Maybe once I pick my camera up again or write something that isn’t an essay for my English class, I’ll drop a link. Of course, one of the benefits of WordPress is that my name is a link to my blog, but, again, mostly just complaining about school, there, at the moment.

    Funny how going to school and trying to get an education to be able to make the money doing the things I want to do is getting in the way of me doing the things I want to do. Hmm. /rant

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  12. Literally just found you today, but I am loving your writing style! You sound an awful lot like myself! I have refrained from cursing, on my blog, because I wasn’t sure if it would put people off or not. I can’t help having a sailors mouth sometimes lol. I’m definitely going to be sticking around 😁 and just because you said to I will drop my link here
    Mad props to ya!

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  13. Love the bluntness and shamelessness (because honestly there’s nothing to be ashamed about). It’s so hard for people to more brazen about what they want–aka Satan paper–but seriously, things like views/likes/comments are basically what anyone would want. Okay guys, check out my blog, thanks.

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      1. What?! Oh no, that explains having no traffic! Haha. Will you let me know if it’s public now?

        (I have no idea why it says “your comment is awaiting moderation”. Man, I feel like a newbie…


  14. In the style of Buckwheat from “Little Rascals” – “I got a button, I got a button, I got a button hey hey hey”

    Thank you so so much for supporting my corner of the internet. I loathe asking for things I want and need so thank you for a swift kick up the jacksie (British for ass) to get on and do it.

    Hey Universe, I would like some more followers and comments on my blog!

    Loving your work, and y’know, you. Seriously, are you *sure* I don’t want to be your sister in law??

    Ally (that almost corrected to alky – can’t think why *sips wine at 11am*) – go and see what essentials I can’t live without!

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  15. This post is wonderful, and I’m going to be checking out the rest of your blog! Thank you for the like yesterday, it made me check out your blog (: everyone has to start somewhere, and I started a few years ago, but have only really been active the last month. Writing everyday has become a goal for me, and I’m proud of all the followers and views I’ve gotten just by doing that.

    Going to check out a few blogs posted here, so here is mine!

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  16. The first rule of blogging: write epic shit!

    I don’t. I just ramble on about random stuff in my best prose-voice possible. I do it erratically, and I never plan my next post when I finish my current one. I’m the anti-promoter. “Don’t look at my stuff!” I cry out. Or, I mean, you can if you want to. I love doing it, and stuff and things.

    You, on the other hand, are the queen of epic shit. Every post is hilarious. Every sentence from somewhere awesome deep inside you. Insightful. Inspirational.

    ((Btw, my latest, posted this morning, is about the NFL. Come on, ladies, football is back!))

    But, I have been scouting around, of late, following your advice (before you even posted; I’m prescient like that.. 😉 ). And, guess what? It works! I’ve gained hits. I’ve gained followers. I’m practically a quarter of the way to a hundred by now (plus 40-60 friends and family who exist only outside the blogosphere).

    So, great advice! Epic, in fact.

    Which is why, even though I’m a damn boy, I look forward to your blog every week. Be you, be true, and keep being epic. You got skills, girl!

    [btw, the link, cuz I’m a good listener, is

    Go Rams, and stuff!

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  17. This is an amazing blog and you are amazing for helping others, I love the blog community for its ability to help and empower. I’ve been blogging 6 months and my 150 followers are hard earned. Massive well done on 1500 followers

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  18. You are such a great lady!!!
    I freakin’ love that you are TRULY supportive of others vs it being a competition… ROCK ON! I’m still getting going in this blogging world, but yea, totally PICK ME PICK ME for a feature!!! I’m pumped to read the blogs you promote as well… Can’t wait to meet you other ladies out there!
    Let’s all Read, Write, Grow!

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  19. Say what 1500 followers?! Amazing! I would love to promote myself, but it’s drilled into me to by shy and not be all LOOK AT ME!! Thoroughly enjoyed this post, refreshing! Why do we don’t we self promote, why are we all ‘modest’? Crazy. I love the idea of favourite blogs on the side bar, that’s awesome and a great way to support each other. I’v been thinking I’m might do a series of posts promoting other blogs, I see ones that are awesome with way less followers than they ‘deserve’. Great to see someone helping others for a change 🙂

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  20. I just started my blog and trying to find my place and voice in this blogosphere.

    Also a new reader…..I definitely needed this post. I haven’t even told hubby I started it. LOL…but I’ll promote myself today. WTH….

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