So, You Want a Blogging Tip…

Damn, Girl has been growing a bit fast. OK, scary fast.

My little three-month-old blog is reaching toward fifteen hundred followers and tens of thousands of views. Companies are starting to contact me about promoting their shit. Every blogger’s dream, right?

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But I am not writing this to brag. I am writing this because I’ve been getting dozens of emails asking for blogging tips… And apparently “day drinking” isn’t cutting it

So let me try and muster something better: Let’s start by knocking off that “I feel bad for promoting myself” shit.

I could tell you to “post pretty pictures” and “be patient” but those tips are everywhere and they are a lot easier than what you actually have to learn how to do:

As a blogger, you need to get comfortable with needing things. More than that, you need to get comfortable asking for those things that you need.

So… you need things?

So, you want to be heard, and have a sense of community, and share, and learn, and maybe even make some Satan paper? I mean money?

You mean you have expenses and dreams and goals and you are trying to accomplish those things? You mean you’re just like me and everybody else?

Damn, girl, you are just going to need to make peace with that.

What’s with the shame?

I get why you may feel tentative to ask for things like “views” and “monies” and “community support.” Unfortunately, there are places where the message seems to be:

“Promote, Promote, Promote! (But not here, you scheming trollop!) Reach! Succeed! Power poses! Power Poses While You Sleep! (But, like, stop spamming, ok?)”

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I get where that hesitation to self promote comes from. It’s a strangely vulnerable thing to admit that you aren’t a completely self sufficient island, isn’t it? Starting out is difficult. Sharing your innermost thoughts with strangers who could reject you is difficult. Asking to be heard, asking for community, and asking for money… well, that takes a whole new level of bravery. 

The thing is: getting comfortable asking for things is the first step towards building a community. And successful blogs are about nothing if not community.

When you are here, at Damn, Girl, Get Your Shit Together, it’s ok to promote yourself.

 There is no scarcity in my house. When you ask for community, when you ask to be heard, when you ask for money, all I see is your bravery. When you are here, it’s ok to need things. Please use Damn, Girl as your launching pad. Use it to practice promoting yourself. What I am saying is: for the love of god, drop your links at the end of a comment. You’re safe here!

All Aboard!

Still feeling shit about promoting yourself? Ok, I’ll take the first step:

Things are taking off for DGGYST and I’ve decided I’m taking you with me. I am featuring eight blogs a month in my sidebar. Check them out! (See how easy that was?) These are blogs I love to read; they make me laugh, or cry or think. I’m changing these out every month; you may find yourself buttoned soon!

Read those blogs, comment on them, follow them. Want to build faster? You ambition thing! If someone leaves a awesome comment down below that speaks to you, go play with them! Soon we will have a bitchin’ army and a super-powerful community!

DGGYST Asks: Pick your favorite Damn, Girl post and share it on Facebook! ‘Cause I need things too.

467 thoughts on “So, You Want a Blogging Tip…

  1. Wow, you are doing really well. I’ve been trying to promote my blog on social media, but I only have a little over 100 followers in 3 months. I know visiting and commenting on blogs is also a good way to get your blog out there as well, which I try to do, but unfortunately my full-time work schedule only allows me to visit several blogs per day, usually. I’m still having fun with my blog though, no matter how many followers I have.

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  2. ohhh, I so love you!!! God, how refreshing to encounter someone I believe to be so genuine, raw, insightful and effing brilliant completely embracing all of these things (although I’m sure this isn’t always comfortable, in fact I know it isn’t) while actively trying to promote and lift up others…it’s beyond inspirational, my girl. This community is new to me, and it has truly changed me. To find like-minded people who are so supportive and give a fuck about what inspires my words, it’s truly mind-blowing. All to say, I feel like I have finally found my tribe, regardless of miles or borders or continents, you are my people, and I feel honored that you take the time to read my words, take them in and offer yours in return. So, thank you, for supporting your people, for sharing your words, and for doing whatever you can to lift up your tribe.

    You are a gift.

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  3. Wow … your literally living my dream! I’m really happy for you and also excited to watch a newish blog grow! It’s nice to hear from someone who haven’t already hit a spot where they don’t want to tell you how to get traffic so they bullshit you with the same tips over and over! Your right about the promoting and then being called a spammer!

    I have tried to post on Reddit … kicked out of groups! I’m not posting about the best kinds of toilet paper in a fishing group for crying out loud! The stuff I post is relevant to the thread! Nope …. spam!

    So I went to Facebook …. same story there! IF you can find a group that is fairly active and IF they accept your request to join you MAY be able to post one thing before ….. poof! BANNED!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not just going in like wham bam here’s my link! I have intelligent conversations, comment, give advice, engage my little heart out and still … no love!

    No one reads google+ … it is literally a link dump!

    Stumble Upon is good if you can figure out how to get people to see the stuff your posting, which I can not!

    Twitter is alright but I get the sense that you need to have a fairly large following already before even being noticed because they give you such a tight word count!

    Bah …. maybe someday I will be able to write a post like this one :). In the meantime I am super excited to watch you grow!

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    1. mummabug! I hear your pain! When you have had that door slammed in your face so many times, it makes you just want to give up! It’s no good! Drop your link here honey. We just need to cultivate a good supportive group and I am more than happy to lead the charge! I am working on a facebook group now. Hang in there!


      1. The struggle is real …. a real pain in the ass! Sometimes I think they get way to much pleasure out of blocking or banning people! I can totally see them all hunched over their keyboard, eyes quickly scanning each post until …. yes THAT one …. Muahahaha BLOCK! Then here I am like …. whaaaat, bitch please!

        I totally agree that there needs to be a page and “supportive” is the keyword in that sentence! Not just a link dump where people do post irritating and annoying spam messages (because they do exist) but a page full of active bloggers that actually give a flying damn about each other! Personally, I think half of the woman on here are more amazing then sliced bread and would love to meet more! Great idea, I really hope you have the time to devote to it!

        If you ever need another pair of eyes or whatever let me know! I am looking forward to where you go with this because I really think you are on track for great things!

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  4. That was quite a good article. I know exactly what you mean, I feel very uncomfortable promoting my blog, but I will hopefully improve in that aspect. It’s awesome that you decided to share blogs here, a very nice idea!
    Oh, and also, thx for the like!

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  5. Question! If you don’t mind answering, what plan are you on on WordPress? I’m not sure how much to invest and don’t want to spend too much but I don’t really like having the wordpress in my URL, either, so I’ve been debating what to do… any help or insight from DGGYST or her lovely followers?

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      1. It doesn’t allow me to leave a link anymore…weird…but anyways, I agree with other viewers, your sense of humour is so cool and your writing style is even cooler! Effortless! Yes, that’s what it feels like! Words just flow across your page! Keep it up!


  6. Congratulations on your blogging success!!! You absolutely deserve it, you have such a unique writing style and I am so in love with your sense of humour. Loved reading this and the honesty of your tip! Have a great day x

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  7. Hi!
    You have a very unique way to write, it feels so effortless. It’s like you just came from a shower and it’s just the way you are. 🙂
    You just got a new subscriber!

    Thank you for visiting my freshly started blog:

    (Girl) Gamer Nerd, out.

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  8. Congratulations on doing so well with this one though! It’s a very well done site! Love your writing style and your memes are always on point! Anytime I see one of Homer, it really speaks to me. I’m trying to get my little world promoted. It’s definitely tricky, with work and my other hobbies. I’m throwing myself into so many different corners because I love doing so many things. I hope to find one to capitalize off of. But it’s definitely good to just get things out of my head and into the world. Well it’s good for me anyways, I can’t speak for others haha

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  9. Hey, thanks so much for this advice! Your blog and your voice are so awesome! I’m so glad that I found you. You’re amazing.

    I’m going to start promoting way more. I just got to 5 followers, and I was like, “Yes!” Hahahahaha, my standards are so low! If the day ever comes when I got 1,000 followers and start actually being profitable, well, I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’ll like celebrate or something. Maybe I’ll go to a sushi buffet. Okay, check me out at


  10. Still just getting started myself :} I must admit I have already been guilty of sitting pretty and waiting for someone to notice me!! I have two blogs on the go, one for my writing and one for my lifestyle here in rural Italy. If either sound intriguing then please come and check them out… (For the poetry/short stories/writing tips, and hopefully soon, updates on the new Urban Fantasy Trilogy that I’m working on at present. (Yes I needlessly capitalized that because I’m so damn excited about it!!)

    and… (For articles on rural/self-sufficient living (homesteading), animals, the Italian lifestyle, beauty on a budget, recipes and the like :})

    Thanks again! that article is a great motivator!!! Happy writing all :}

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  11. OMG finally, someone is saying its ok to feel good about yourself. It is ok to want more. It is ok to be a powerful, forceful woman. I don’t want to be in the corner. I am happy to be amongst it. I always try to make myself and my blog as interesting and unique as possible.
    It is wonderful to see something different. Thanks
    We are photographing our bucketlist and our blog shows the best of Australia, as fast as we can type and as much of the world as we can get to visit.

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  12. This is awesome! People with a scarcity mindset really are their own worst enemy seriously you don’t think theres enough people out their who want your product if they have mine? NUTS! I’ve just started a blog and would love some feedback if anyone is keen to check it out; (thats me) and I’m here to be relatable and show you how to engage in your life not just go through the motions and pretend on social media you have it perfect (and you’ve got your shit together!).

    Awesome DGGYST! Bravo great community!

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  13. I’m so completely new at this, you know blogging and all that jazz. But the two times I have been on wordpress I’ve found my way back to your blog and I love it! I love your honesty and I love your content. You definitely have a new follower! thanks for the two likes!

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  14. Thank you for liking one of my posts. Blogging is something I do to give people a taste of what its like living with autism. I wanted to be different though, I didnt want to complain, gripe and winge about my lovely and unique daughters (and husband). I have hopefully succeeded in putting the humourous side to life here. Having tiptoed though your blog this morning. I realise I am both falling short and doing things right. Thank you for taking the time to connect with me. I have certainly clicked “follow” on your profile, I am hungry for more. Now time to tidy up my own blog.

    Here is a link for anyone who is interested:

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