Oh Crap, It’s About to Be Winter

Cranberries on a frozen branch

There is that first day of fall where you feel like the world is a magical place, full of wonder and change. A bit later comes that fall day when shit starts to get real and you realize you have fifty years of fucking winter stretching out before you.

On that day, which for most of us is between November 1st – 5th, you need to take your supplies of feel-good fall energy and use them to rescue your future self.

Seasonal depression is the bane of my existence. It will be the middle of July and I will be like, “You Fools! Put down your volleyballs and summer shandies! Winter Is Coming!”

I’ve been training for this all year, so consider me your honorary Ph.D in S.A.D. and how to dodge it

1. Set yourself up for success in the fall

Step 1: This is the weekend to make a bunch of healthy satisfying freezer meals. Make a day of it when you can still manage to “make a day of things.” Personally I love to make about thirty servings of soup. I make a chicken soup base and then to some batches I add cream and wild rice, to some I add curry powder, some I add mushrooms etc. And then I make a chili, because mmmm chili. This ends up being a zero-food-waste process that is impossible to mess up; it’s thrifty and delicious.

I know, I know, you are all full of fall magic and you have binged on Pinterest and you think you will be able to make it perfectly through the winter with nothing but light broths and vegetable sticks so that you can frolick fawn-like over the snow in your sweater that falls off your dainty shoulders

Its Not Going To Happen Rachel Mcadams GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

If you don’t accept that you are going to want something that sticks to your ribs now, you are going to have a freezer full of sad, unused meals and a big bill at your local Italian restaurant two months from now.

Step 2: Sign up for that yoga class, martial arts class, dance class, whatever-class, that you have always wanted to sign up for. We all hear about how we need to “stay active in the winter” but they don’t say “HOLY GOD, START NOW.”

Step 3: Depending on where you fall on the introvert/extrovert spectrum, schedule a weekly or monthly home date with your buddies. Whether that’s “Friday Night Poker” or “First Saturday of the Month Brunch,” put it on the schedule, put it on your friends schedule, and stick with it!

I’m watching “The Good Place” once a week with some friends. We curl up on the couch, have a glass of wine, and touch each other. Humans need socialization, even in the winter, despite what your inner Gollum is telling you. Bonus: hosting will motivate you to keep your home clean.

2. No matter how you feel about supplements, start taking Vitamin D

75 percent of U.S. teens and adults are deficient in Vitamin D. 75 PERCENT! Chances are good that you’re not getting enough D year round, but in the winter: forgettaboutit!

The laundry list of side effects from not having enough of the D are staggering. The biggie? Cancer. The sucky one that ruins your day? Tiredness and depression. So buck up girl, get yourself a Vitamin D supplement and winter on!

3. Invest in a shower filter, a humidifier, and a radiator-style heater

A wise woman once said “dry house, crusty face” That woman, was me. A-thank-you.

If you live in a dry, cold climate, you should certainly have a humidifier on all night in your bedroom. I can’t begin to tell you the difference this makes if you are prone to nosebleeds, sore throats, dry painful skin, chapped lips, and even arthritis and joint pain. I recommend having one for your office as well.

Radiator-style space heaters are amazing. Amazing! They don’t accumulate and blow dust like the fan ones, they don’t dry out your skin, and they are completely silent.

Shower filters are the difference between me looking normal and rocking a halo of static shock till spring. These will make your skin and hair much happier.

DG Recommends:

I really like this humidifier because beyond being quiet and letting out huge amazing plumes of humidity, it also does not have a nightlight, which is important if you are pretending you are a vampire.

4. Keep the air fresh

Indoor allergies are the cherry on the shit sundae that is winter. If you suffer from allergies in the winter, invest in a hepa air filter for your furnace for about 30 dollars.

I am also a huge fan of air-cleaning plants. Most of them are almost impossible to kill, and having something alive and green in your home and office is nice reminder that things will be green again one day

5. Let there be light

Wake up light

My bedroom is in the basement. I have these thick red velvet blackout curtains and black walls. Sometimes the virgins that I have chained to the floor don’t reliably start to scream early enough, so I decided to try a Philips wake up light.

This thing mimics the sunrise and magically and gently makes you open your eyes at whatever time the alarm was set for. Getting out of bed in a bright room is ridiculously easier than getting out of bed in a dark room.

Lamps, lamps, lamps

That’s the shitty thing about seasonal depression: it gets ya! You won’t believe a lamp will make a big difference because your heart has turned to a frosty lump of ice and you refuse to believe anything can help you. That’s why you gotta do that shit now! They don’t have to be fancy. You can usually pick up a few from Goodwill or Craigslist for a few dollars.

Damn, Girl, do it this weekend

There is hope for the worst of us SAD havers. Just remember that the real trick to not wanting to kill ones self during the winter months is preparation and that you have to start now.

You’ll notice there is some shit to buy in this one. And if you clicked on a product already, it’s too late, money has been made. Maybe it’s 30 cents, maybe it’s a million cents, but it’s headed my way, barreling toward my mansion at the speed of light. It’ll show up at the door, all cold and shivering, and I’ll say, “Awww! Good Affiliated Money! You found your way home! Look Everyone, it’s money!” And everyone will cheer.

November’s featured blogs will be in the sidebar at the end of the day! Check out October’s awesome bloggers one last time! Also, I am booking for December. Lemme know if you would like to be featured!

168 thoughts on “Oh Crap, It’s About to Be Winter

  1. I used to love autumn. Now, it’s just a prelude to the six months of awful that is winter in Colorado. Growing up in AZ and living in PA for 11 years has not prepared me for the barrenness here. We don’t see green from late Sept/early October until usually mid-May. This is mainly the reason the mister and I go on a trip for our anniversary in April. Somewhere warm. Great tips for getting through the winter blues.

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      1. Hey, DG. I absolutely love this piece. I surely can relate to it at times, not on a seasonal level though, but sometimes if bad situations just so happen to unravel in times of the year like the middle of July, November 1st to 5th, July 5th, or January 1st or after, I see it being a mix of what’s going on with me, and the feeling of the season itself.

        In this piece I wrote Wednesday https://danielpluslauren.com/2017/11/01/lauren-conrad-gives-thanks-to-november/, I mention at the top especially in a small ode to Halloween that for those who love Halloween, November 1st has that exact same feeling of January 1st being New Year’s Day, and July 5th which is the day after the 4th of July. That feeling of dejection and being desolate since all that celebration is now over until next, and the only way to go in is get ready for next year.

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  2. I love when Autumn hits here in Colorado. Its baking season! I like the freezer meal ideas. Working on a pizza kit put together this weekend, actually. Weather will be in the 60s, perfect for baking a bit so I don’t have to turn the heat on to get the evening chill out!

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  3. I don’t notice once it falls below 60. It’s all the same. A born Coloradan, my wardrobe is the same all year. I just throw a sweater on when it dips below 60s. Lol. It’s the perfect excuse to make Mulled Wine, Mulled Spiders and anything I can bake. Nice, cozy home.

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  4. I’m from the northeast and the winters there reallllllyyyyyyy suck. Whenever I see frost on my car in the fall, I’m like ugh winter go away. I’m never ready for the heavy winters and waking up earlier just to dig my car out of snow. I am also a all-year allergy sufferer and I agree with the humidifier idea – it definitely has become my best friend.

    Like always, loved your post!

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  5. I don’t even know what to say about this other than: Yes. All of it, yes.

    I’m sitting here at my desk at work, looking out at the fucking grayness that descended promptly on November 1st and obviously hasn’t gone away — and I’m trying to rally enough energy to go outside to Target during my lunch break. Because my face has gone down to its winter shade, but I ran out of that bb cream and am today wearing the summer’s shade leftovers. SIGH

    Gotta get my shit together this weekend, y’all.

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    1. I go to Austin every year and people gripe about the 55 degree weather and I am like “wow, you spoiled babies” and then 30 days later I’m like “oh my god it’s so cold! What is it? like 50?”

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  6. Fun fact: Redheads make their own vitamin D because our fair skin is so sensitive to the sun (we have to get it some how), so S.A.D. doesn’t usually occur in people with red hair. 🙂 Might explain why I love fall and winter… oh, and maybe because I like snowboarding. 😉

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  7. Winter for me means that we can finally go outside without getting second degree burns. The summer here in the desert are so freakin hot and sunny and the deodorant goes to places where no light has ever been. Funnily (is that English..?) enough a lot of people living in Dubai suffers from lack of D-vitamin here during the summer. Lack of sun? Not so much. Lack of reasons to go outside – yes.
    A windy summer day here is like putting your hairdryer in your face on the highest power and try to breath. Throw some sand in there for extra effect.

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      1. Absolutely! Not the summer months but it’s a great city. 200 nationalities and super diverse. Tiny bit crazy from time to time but suits me well. Come visit! Have you been to the Middle East?


  8. “Sometimes the virgins that I have chained to the floor don’t reliably start to scream early enough” lmfaooo… lol…awesome post…aren’t you like tired of hearing how fkn awesome your posts are every Thursday… lol… I cannot relate to winter, but I’ve been in a walk in freezer… *shudder*

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  9. I don’t even know where to start with this post. Your writing style makes me swoon. I legit stop and reflect on how beautiful it is. I’ve been making out with it at the end of every period I’ve typed. Now, there’s so much freaking awesome information in this post. I live in southern Florida where we don’t get too much of winter’s wrath, but even then I sometimes feel the darker days and chill in my bones start to wear me down. Even people who live in perpetual sunshine would benefit from this post. You’re deserving of every affiliated dime.

    Liked by 4 people

      1. lmaoooooooooo… it’s the things you say, the way you say it and the images that my mind proceeds to imagine afterwards that makes me crack the hell up…no pun intended…lol


  10. I love your approach to affiliated links haha. I never find them a big deal (click, click). And thank you so much for this article! Today I am beyond exhausted for some reason and am less than human, making clumsy mistakes and falling asleep every five minutes. I already had two cups of coffee which is more than usual but I’m itching for a third. This morning was so dark and dreary. Autumn is really here now and winter is creeping around the corner… I told my friend I need to invent a sun for the room during the colder seasons. Maybe steal one from another planet and enslave it. Then I’d wake up more naturally and not be so scared to leave my warm bed.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I am so glad I am not the only one who is like “wait a second, when did I get hit by a truck carrying gallons of benadryll” haha! I am going to write a post soon (this month) for my bloggers on making some money for themselves. Because it is really the only thing about the blogging community that I am disturbed by. All these awesome women with amazing blogs being like ” oh nooo, i am sorry, its affiliated forgive me I am evil!” lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yessss I look forward to reading it! I love your sorry-not-sorry disclaimer things at the end. Don’t know why people have to be apologetic for finding ways to make money and wanting to make extra money. It’s not like they’re brainwashing anyone into clicking purchase. I like to take a look, read reviews, decide if I need it or just really want it, and that’s all. Can’t wait for the post!

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  11. I am currently living 900+ miles away from the place I called home. My mid-western heart and soul is craving that crisp, cold air because WHY IS IT ALMOST 80 DEGREES IN NOVEMBER?!?! Did I mention I am currently wearing a chunky, cowl neck sweater because ITS FUCKING NOVEMBER.

    Once Christmas is past though… Mother nature better bring back the warm weather and sunshine or there will be some bitching and moaning to be heard by all. Also, if you want to feature new, little me on your sidebar, by all means! http://www.dontcountmeoutyet.wordpress.com

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  12. Love this post. I struggle with having the heat on in the winter because it dries me out like the sahara… fortunately, I live in Florida lol. But an air purifier is a must. I just got diagnosed with a dust mite allergy which gives me a nice sinus infection/cold every six to eight weeks… compound that with dry heat from the heater, nose bleeds, and that’s a recipe for something much worse than a sinus infection.

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      1. Well, I’m starting immunotherapy shots for my allergies this week. Three year commitment of getting shots weekly, then bimonthly, then monthly…. But in the mean time, while that kicks in, I swear by a little bit of neosporin up my nose with a q-tip for the dryness. I get nose sores (gross!) during the winter. Also, flonase, which is an OTC nasal steroid spray, really helps with allergies. It also keeps your mucous membranes in your nose moist.

        Also, coconut oil is your friend! Best way I’ve found to evenly distribute to ensure you are thoroughly moisturized is to make a nice hot bath (glass of wine optional) and put two heaping table spoons of coconut oil in your bath water. You will be silky smooth!


  13. Love me a good change-of-season post! That’s probably why I do so many of ’em.* 😉

    As for winter itself, I love it! Or, I’m in denial. Or on really good drugs. Screw it, I’m the biggest atheistic Christmas fan the universe has ever known, and I don’t apologize for it!

    Also, I clicked every link. Twice. Happy Winter, DGGYST!




    P.S. If ^ that don’t get me to the trash bin … nothin’ will! 😂

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  14. I hate winter, living in the north east doesn’t help. A 2am wake up call to crawl out of my warm bed and step into 20 degrees to rescue a fucking snow bound train is the height of “why the hell do I do this!”
    However, growing up here I found out cross country skis are my best friend. So, I go freeze my ass off to get a little exercise and enjoy some pizza afterward

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  15. Hey there you. 🙂

    As you know, I’m not a stupendously witty, pithy writer like you are. I bow to your Kung Fu. This one was quite epic.

    I am, though, as you know, the absolute Queen Of Rare Diseases and usually require an excellent laugh to ensure my immune system has some endorphins to enlist in the fight. You do a body good. 🙂

    I haz the bloggy dumbz bc I’m new to the scene. Are you saying I can just click on your imbedded links and I help you earn money?

    If you’re offering mercy tutorials on how to run a rockin’ blog, allow me to throw my name into the Goblet Of Fire in hopes of being chosen. I just haz the feelz and write about them at will.

    It isn’t fair that I can only click Like one time on each post. This one needs at least 7,691.
    (who is not willing to out herself as a lover of all things cold, for fear of flogging by you and your other devoted fans)

    Liked by 4 people

    1. michelle you angel. Girl, your little face is not linking to your blog again, and I need to triple check that I am following you, because sometimes I think I am following someone, but then I am not. lol I will not flog you for liking the cold because you are clearly a sick cold loving massochist and I would just be encouraging you! haha!

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      1. Urticaria is “hives” and you can have solar, cold, heat, pressure and vibration hives, in addition to those provoked by an allergic response.

        Not to get all medical here, but if you have Seasonal Affective Disorder and Urticaria… You may be experiencing something histamine. Since I have two mast cell disorders (one so rare I am the 26th documented case), I am all too familiar with mast cell behavior. Do you want to Email me and maybe I could help you? I’m not a doctor (actually, I’m a certified nutritionist but again, not a doc). I just always hate to see people suffer and I’ve walked the mast cell highway for 42 years. I can spot those buggers acting crazy from a mile away.

        Just holler if I can help.

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  16. I love the cold, not the dark. Good tip on the Vitamin D, it really makes a difference, been taking it for several years now. But the best thing, I try to get outside for 30 minutes every day…no matter the weather. It’s a challenge !

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  17. Woke up this morning to 5 inches of fresh white snow. It was beautiful and then I cried because that is what I’ll see for the next five or six months without a break. Already doing vitamins and happy lights and I might even socialize once I dig my way out. Comfort food is my friend.

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  18. I’m so happy I don’t get S.A.D. in the winter. I get it in the summer, when it’s 104 and if I take off any more clothes I’d just be a sweaty skeleton. I can’t bear going outside in that heat, so I’m stuck inside all day. Alone. Usually with the blinds closed because even just having the light streaming in the windows makes my room too hot.

    But, even without winter S.A.D. these are all great suggestions for getting through the cold season. I wish I had a humidifier last week when I was dying of a cold. If thirty-year-old otherwise healthy people can die of colds. Which I’m pretty sure they can, because I WAS.

    I can’t wait to make some crock-pot stew to get me through the winter.

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  19. I dread winter so much! It’s funny how as a kid you love it and as an adult you hate it because reality says you can’t really go anywhere when there’s 10 feet of snow outside and work wasn’t cancelled. I definitely suffer from some form of seasonal depression though, so I may have to follow some of your tips to keep on top of it for this miserable season to come!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This is me! I get depressed in the spring because it means summer is coming and OMG. The heat, the humidity, the mosquitoes, the ticks, the snakes… Dogs that are bouncing off the walls with energy until you take them outside and they melt into puddles so you go back indoors, only to have them bouncing off the walls in a half hour again. Bread that molds if you don’t eat it in 2.5 days. Poison ivy everywhere.

      During the summer I drape myself over the nearest air-conditioning unit sipping lemonade or sucking on Popsicles until the sun goes down. 😉

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  20. Seasonal depression is seriously the worst! I always struggle with it and it definitely sucks the joy out of the holiday season.. These are some great tips – thank you for sharing them with us 🙂 Not gonna lie, seasonal comfort food is definitely the main thing that keeps me sane throughout these months!

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  21. I love the snow somewhere in the mountains where it’s nice and clean. I hate it in the city though, any city.
    As for the food, I don’t really like freezers. The fresher, the merrier….
    Then, I’m a big fan of the lamps…..Have them around my apartment in like every single corner. People think of me as a moth. I can’t stand the light.
    Black walls, you say? Gods must be crazy, ha? What were you thinking????

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  22. I confess, I liked winter a lot better when I had affordable heat. The short days and cold, rainy, snowy weather doesn’t get to me—but I live with someone who is affected a great deal. Your ideas are great here–some of which we do but not all of them. I should move the damn treadmill into the basement where there is no excuse not to use it (right now it’s in the cold, cold, garage…)

    Maybe we should repaint the bedroom too. For years it’s been a deep royal blue, which is close to navy, which might as well be black. 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

      1. The treadmill is a very expensive clothes drying rack at the moment. I’m thinking of training the puppy to use it in order to burn off a fraction of his combustible energy.(pity you can’t bottle and sell that sort of thing because I’d be freakin’ RICH).

        I forgot to say I would very much like to be featured in Dec if you have space on your sidebar. 🙂 http://mckennadeanromance.com/

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  23. Where did you find all the virgins?! Ha! I suffer from dry skin and joint pain because I am old, so I am definitely getting a humidifier! Remarkably, I don’t suffer from SAD. I know, weird, right? I am an anxious imbecile but somehow I missed the SAD train. Rooting for you, babes, that you will punch SAD in the dick this winter!!

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  24. This post is perfectly timed – we literally just got our first snowfall of the year and I’ve got my perma-frown going already. I love love love my Wake Up light!! It truly is like waking up to the sunrise – thanks for the reminder. I’ve just dug it out of my closet for the season.

    I’m also very interested in being featured on your sidebar. My life goal is to avoid having to face my fears of returning to work, i.e. to quit my job to pursue blogging full time. Maybe you could help a chick out? 😉


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