The Power of Female Economy

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“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.”
-Madeleine Albright

If you have been following my blog for a while you know that I am a businesswoman. You also know that I was raised in the foster care system, that I ran away from home, and was a homeless teen.

I have experienced a level of poverty you would not think was possible in a first world country. I have lived in abandoned buildings in downtown Detroit and have feared for my life from things like exposure and starvation.

I have broken into cars to steal change to get my dinner from a vending machine. I have eaten from the garbage. I have been bound to horrible situations for the lack of financial independence. I have been dominated and violated and I have stayed in these situations…for a sandwich or a cold piece of pizza or for a warm place to sleep.

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Needless to say I feel very powerfully about my right to support me and mine, and I feel very passionately about women having the right to support themselves and theirs.

You don’t need to feel sorry for me. I’m 29 and have so many commas in my bank account it would make your head spin. I have gone about acquiring stability in my life the same way I am making a living off of this blog: by unapologetically accepting that I need money and viciously defending my right to make it.

Money is power

It’s safe to say I am a bit obsessed with power: getting it, keeping it, and spreading it.

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So today I wanted to delve into girl power. How to turn your belief that girls should have power into actively giving them that power. And by power, I mean money.

We’ve all heard the phrase “money is power.” It’s time to start wielding it.

Why female economy?

49.5 percent of the population is female and within that massive minority are a hundred other subsets of underrepresented, underpaid minorities. Black women, Hispanic women, gay women, that one black, gay, handicapped woman who likes the show “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Oh, I see you!

Women have always been financially shortchanged (see what I did there? Eh? Eh?) and continue to be so. Chances are if you are reading this, you can identify a time in which you found yourself financially dominated. Be it a marriage, a job, or a living arrangement you have been unwittingly stuck in due to a financially titled environment, empowering female economy can lessen and prevent so many bad situations women find themselves in. Our money can make a difference. Here’s how:

How do I support female economy?

1. Fashion.

I’m not one of those people who are crippled by the overall implications of every decision that I make. I’ve pretty much accepted that I am a small cog in the machine of unstoppable evil.

But once I accepted that I can do some good without having to change my name to Harvest and start wearing skirts made of wheat, I started investigating where my money did the most good, and the most bad.

Fashion fit the bill.

Before I buy anything new, I take a quick look through my Poshmark app to see if any of my ladies are selling it. If I can get it on Poshmark, a lady dominated marketplace, I throw my money at them with glee.

I don’t have to think about the sweatshop children and the underpaid employees and the landfills filling with last season’s rompers, while at the same time knowing that another woman is getting a little bit more power than she previously had.

2. Blogging

I love blogging as an economy. What an amazing way to line the pockets of women! The ability to support women of color, women with anxiety and depression, women with mental and physical illnesses, cancer, stay at home mommas, artists, poets… the list on. But how do we give female bloggers real power?

First, by changing our attitudes.

There is this toxic unnecessary view when it comes to bloggers making money. Whether trashed for self promotion, using ad space, or accused of being “sellouts,” it’s everywhere, and it’s nonsense. Female writers are being shamed for their Patreon buttons, their affiliate links, their freaking Etsy stores.

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Your fellow writers are not increasing the cost of AIDS medication by 1000 percent and taking hush money to filter some extra lead into the drinking water. You don’t know those people, you will not ever see or interact with these people. All those people who do heinous evil shit for money wouldn’t have anything to do with me or you.

The blogger making a thousand bucks a month selling her bomb-ass necklaces on Etsy is not a checkered-suit-wearing, swindling dirtbag. She’s nice, she makes some jewelry, she calls her mom, she waters her plants. You would really like her.

We like to demonize the other people who are down here on the same level with us, and I don’t fucking like it. Changing your feelings about online economy is the first step.

Second, by prioritizing women online.

If am buying a bulk order of toilet paper, you better believe some fellow female blogger is getting some percent of that. My Christmas shopping is done on your blogs. You come first when it comes to the money I spend online, and I’m not afraid to say it.

Start re-appropriating big bad tools of the trade

Our big obnoxious hearts are keeping us from using some really successful strategies.

There are a lot of concepts that have a nasty stigma that in and of themselves are not bad. They are strategies and concepts wielded by wealthy men that leave our gentle female souls put off. Things like self promotion, target marketing, and the big one: Quid Pro Quo.

Quid pro quo, this for that, the one that leaves you feeling quid pro queasy. The ultimate sleazy maneuver.

Why is it mostly women who are so uncomfortable with this concept? Maybe it’s the expectation that we should do things while asking nothing in return? Why? Because as women, we do things out of the kindness of our hearts.

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This is such a terrible manipulation.

You can still have a kind heart, and have fair and equal exchanges. You want to buoy some female economy? Start talking to the other women! Combine evil forces! You promote this, I’ll promote that. You pay me this, I’ll do that. Damn, girl, get your shit together and start expecting some this for some that.

On that note, check out this month’s Awesome Female Bloggers in the sidebar and let DGGYST know if you want your blog featured. Leave your comments down below, drop your links, and share your favorite Damn, Girl post on Facebook. Because that’s reciprocity, baby.

134 thoughts on “The Power of Female Economy

  1. Hell YES! I can’t express how much I love this and strive to be more like this. As a woman, I appreciate your open honesty and take your advice freely. I want my bank account to have so many commas and to be my own boss. I’m a work in progress and I’ll take it where I can get it. It’s our time. The time of Women.

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  2. “Damn, girl, get your shit together and start expecting some this for some that.”

    So… some “tit for tit?” (I know you were thinking it…someone had to say it!) 😀

    Seriously though, great article. You are so right about needing to empower ourselves when it comes to finances, spending, etc. I know that i get intimidated when I think about all the horrible things out there, and the rich people making their money off of our broke asses, and where should I spend to do the most good, etc. You’ve given some great ideas about small ways we can try to make a tiny bit of difference. Spending responsibly and consciously when we can, and not guilt tripping ourselves when we can’t. We can’t all make a huge change, but all of us can make tiny ones that combine to be huge.

    And not being afraid to promote ourselves and our value/skills/worth – that’s huge. As someone trying to decide if I should/can make the huge leap to leave my government job and start working from home, doing a few various things that I have great skill at – this hits close to heart. Trying to get in the mindset of getting out there, promoting myself, showing/strutting my skills and not feeling like an imposter — so that the things that feed my soul can also feed my family.

    Anyway, been reading nearly since the beginning, but first time commenting. I love your unique voice and relevant subject matter. Highlight of my Thursdays!

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      1. Happy to make you laugh! 😀 I have three main routes/ideas I’m looking at pursuing — probably a bit of each. I’m hoping to start channeling my new love of sewing/costuming/prop building/etc. into a (at least partial) career — taking commissions, selling original creations, doing “regular” sewing on a local basis (alterations, etc.). I also have the concept of being a “stay home mom for hire” — a person you can call on to do things when you don’t have the time, such as “Mom, I have to bring snacks for my class tomorrow for school” (your kid at 9 PM on a school night), or “Dad, I have to have a costume for the school play by Thursday” (your kid on Tuesday afternoon) or other crafty/errand running/etc. stuff for the full time working parents. Specializing in last minute/late day stuff. The third area would be using my 12+ years as an administrative assistant/office manager to do “virtual assistant” work — working with clients local and online to complete tasks like answering email, composing/mailing letters, compiling and formatting reports, documents, fliers, etc., creating newsletters and basic to intermediate graphic design projects, etc. I may look into some home transcription, free lance writing, etc. as well.

        I know there is a market out there for each of those things — the trick will be distilling it down to marketable ideas and concepts, finding the target markets for each of those, and developing a customer base. I’m willing to work my ass off at any/all of it, for the benefit of working from home, setting my own schedule/hours (as a night owl forced to work early mornings for years), and not commuting 2+ hours a day. That’s the killer for me, especially as I’ve started dealing with chronic illness/pain issues over the past year. I love the job I do, the agency I work for and the people I work with…but I’m not getting younger, and I can’t keep grinding myself away with the schedule and drive at the expense of my health and sanity. 😦 Worst case scenario — I’d be ok with working part-time somewhere close to me, and doing some of the other to supplement.

        This is all probably way more than you wanted to know 😉 , but I’m posting it here for other readers too. I have always been a person who, while yearning for change, adventure and challenges, has been too afraid to take that final step and leave my comfort zone, unless forced to. Too afraid to take that leap and leave the predictable, steady and “sure thing” and take a chance on the ultimately more fulfilling, but uncertain path. After being off work for 6 weeks following back surgery (which came after months of debilitating pain), I came to the point where I could actually start to seriously think about this, and then discuss it with the hubs – who was very supportive and hopeful that I could make it work — and agreed that the benefit for my mental health, and the health of our family would be worth the diminished income.

        After mulling it over and discussing it with many people, I’ve finally become brave enough to really start trying to make plans to get there. I’ve gone over the material and other comforts that I may have to give up to do this. I’ve started cataloging what I need to do at my current job to leave it set, and make sure my successor wouldn’t have to come to the mess I did when I started. I’ve finally come to believe, in my heart, that I could *really*, *actually* DO THIS. That it would be not just OK, but an amazing thing to follow my heart, and not just stay with the “sure thing”, only to regret later on that I didn’t take that chance. I’m sure as hell not getting any younger, and every day I’m surrounded by reminders that this life, this journey is all too fleeting, and never certain or guaranteed. Some of this fire started when I turned 40 a couple of years ago — and I’m determined to keep it burning.

        Now that this reply is practically as long as your post…thank you for encouraging me to share my heart. Your blog is one of the many things that has helped to inspire me to think outside of the box, to ask myself (sometimes hard) questions about the way I do things, and think about the possibilities that life can offer. Your story and journey is an inspiration — maybe my words here can be a fraction of that for at least one reader out there.

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  3. You are a fucking rockstar.
    Thank you for doing what you do and reminding us we can all make a difference, even if it’s in small increments in a grass-roots fashion, we have the power to improve the lives of others.
    I would like to add, that yes power is money, but for those of us not quite there yet, we are still powerful beyond what we believe. We can help empower ourselves and others by sharing our gifts: knowledge, wisdom, talents, kindness, and compassion- whether that be through writing, mentoring, volunteering, offering guidance or advice…on and on.
    Bottom line, we gotta lift each other up in whatever way we can, and we all have the capacity (power) to do that…it’s a beautiful thing indeed.

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  4. Hey! What an awesome way to make us all feel that power. Just yesterday I was researching ways to monetize my blog simply because I need to get my SHIT together. I am thankful for this one room I live in because I was once sleeping & bathing my coot in my van & stomach was pained from being hungry. I have come across a lot of post that down people for trying to come up. Anywho, this little ass room feels as if it is closing in around me at times, Can you offer any advice on where to start to produce some extra funds for my blog. I will be in this motel forever if I don’t strike up me a few side hustles. When I get out of here I’m selling whole fried chickens, halves, thighs…Screw it! I’m going BANANAS. Can’t do nothing here on somebody elses property….dang, so all I have is online.Do you suggest starting off with setting up Buy Me A Coffee, then What? I love you! Thanks so much for sharing.

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  5. Thanks for the bit of encouragement! I never thought about it until reading your post but I spend my money with 60% female driven businesses and I’d love to grown more conscious about spend all of it with female businesses.

    I completely agree that hard work deserves pay even when we say oh well it’s for the greater good what’s a little over time here and there. I’m totally guilty and slightly ashamed of that!

    Thanks for your wonderful stories. It’s very inspiring to my own writing and personal growth.

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    1. Thank you so much for this comment! I think its good to be charitable with your time, but yea, it can end up becoming something that is just “expected of women” and thats when we get into dark waters!

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  6. Damn, girl!!! This post is 🔥🔥🔥 and IT. IS. EVERYTHING! I mean come on… GIRL POWER.

    In the last couple of years, I’ve really started to find my voice to advocate for exactly that… girl power. I’m still learning how best to use it, and blogging is one of those ways. If we don’t take the time to listen to other women, then what the hell are we even doing here?

    I especially love this because MONEY IS POWER, yet so many want to rob of us of our rights to be paid equally – equally of men, equally of other women, just…. equally. It actually blows my mind of how few women, although this is starting to change, resize just how unequally we get paid. We are so overlooked when it comes to financials.

    #GirlPower for life!

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  7. Damn girl, you are fuckin LEGIT! Love love love this post (again, honestly it’s getting tedious 🙂

    I’m constantly amazed by some of the women I come across that are able to pull them out of serious adversity and go on to display talent that would make Oprah Winfrey’s head spin.

    I work in a seriously male-dominated industry. I’ve had people reporting to me who are half my age, zero social skills, none of my ‘professional qualifications’ and makes twice as much as me. Whenever I’d raise it I’d get excuses like “oh yeah well he went to school for ten years and got this piece of paper” – to which I can never respond, because I went straight to work instead of staying on for a degree. Absolutely not taking anything away from that but it occasionally grates on me.

    In May last year I found myself unemployed, broke, about to lose my house, and in a dark and possibly dangerous head space.

    Isn’t it amazing how we can get back up, brush ourselves off and JFDI.

    I think your idea is amazing.

    My book is out Feb 15th. Let’s do business!

    Love ya girl,


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  8. Once again brilliant writing.

    Secondly my “girl” crush is mad real!

    I see this as a businesswoman, where women are so afraid to promote and sing their own praises, especially in a male dominated industry, I don’t get it!

    I spent my whole life figuring out my worth, so at 50 y.o. you better believe I am not above self promotion and $$$. But make no mistake, I also believe in helping women and being each other’s advocates for growth and success!

    I know this is going to sound cliche and douchy, but there is no better time in history to be a woman, and irregardless of ethnicity we are all sisters, so let’s do this!

    I am so thankful for the support of my fellow sister bloggers, especially DG, you have been so gracious! ❤️xo

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    1. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ No, you are absolutely right! Understanding that our successes are so closely linked to the successes of other women, of other people like us, is what white men have understand for generations. Granted, they havent exactly done a great job with their power, but it should keep us from trying to utilize their techniques….minus slavery……..and uh….voter suppresion…

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  9. Thank you a million times over. All this needs to be said, shouted, from rooftops everywhere. A little game I like to play, to combat any kind of internalized misogyny that might be lurking the darkest corners of my soul, is “how would we feel about ___ if a man were doing it?” If there’s any difference at all, then I know my thought process needs to be overhauled about whatever I’m dealing with.

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    1. Haha! I think that a lot of people don’t like a lot of people, and it can be skewed to one gender or the other based on a persons unique experiences. Overall though, I like the female spirit, I think they’re tough 😉

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  10. Thank you again for posting my blog on your site last month. I will check out this month’s awesome female bloggers! Woohoo.

    I was so excited this morning because it is Thursday and that mean Damn Girl! (I am such a fan, I even washed my hairbrushes. And you were right! I’m thinking I better get myself some satin pillowcases. Hahaha)

    Another amazing post! Off the charts! Why is believing we are deserving of money and power such a struggle? I have never been homeless. I have no excuse. How did (do) you do it? How do you believe?

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  11. This is so timely for me. As a new blogger, woman changing careers and someone who needs an income – badly – because of changing life circumstances, I need to hear this! Any advice you all have as to how to get the “cha ching” moving here is appreciated. Thanks so much for this one!

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  12. Last year I read Sheryl Sandberg’s – ‘Lean In’ and kicked myself for the rest of the week that I had not read this book 30 years ago. The fact that it wasn’t written 30 years ago is a minor point! We need to break the cycle of ‘hiding our light’ and grab every opportunity that presents itself. Thanks for kicking me in the butt again with your words. Mel

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  13. I have a terrible time promoting myself, and even knowing it’s stupid, it’s still hard to shake. The message I get here is that I can choose to not accept the thoughts that hold me back. I would love to make a living from my blog and I shouldn’t feel sleazy saying so.

    I’ve experienced financial abuse and feeling powerless over my life. I was an educated adult woman with an allowance- not a budget, a strict allowance that I had no say over. It’s humiliating. I’m so glad that I was able to get myself out of that situation, but my thinking still has work to do and you’ve reminded me of that. Thank you so much. Now I’m off to go find some women to support.


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  14. You know, every day I am having to defend blogging, or explain exactly what it is. We’re women taking control of our own destinies, women taking back the power and making our futunes using all the tools we’ve been told were useless – fashion, beauty, and being engaging.
    You, my dear Tiara, are such an amazing figure. I can’t wait to read that book I know you’re working on 😉

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  15. Love this, especially: “unapologetically accepting that I need money and viciously defending my right to make it.” Why are we made to feel bad about it? I need money right now. Hell, I haven’t had a full-time job in over a year so it’s time to get creative!
    And finally the piece I’ve been waiting for on how affiliated links and ads are looked down on! They’re really quite harmless. I’ve been using affiliated links on my blog and am not shoving it in people’s faces or anything.
    Great intensity and passion in this post! As raw and well-written as ever.
    I’m already feeling all shy about the blog sharing thing, though, ahahaha. All meek like, “I’M NOT WORTH YOUR TIME.” But I’m trying to overcome that and adopt a more, “BISH READ MY WONDERFUL SHIT YOU’LL LOVE IT,” attitude. So here I go…
    My blog is My personal is Whichever style you like, it’s up to you.
    I liked your Facebook page and shared this post on my own Facebook page for Gallantly, gal 🙂
    Keep on taking over the world, damn girl

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  16. I 100% approve all of this message. I am shameless when it comes to self promotion, but I could be downright mercenary with it. Quid pro quo still feels a little weird, depending on who is quidding and who is quo-ing but I recognize that when you lack money to pay for what you need, it’s the next best thing.

    And I keep telling women that money is power. L’il Kim said it best, “First you get the money. Then you get the power. And then comes the respect!” Money brings options and options are the best thing a woman can have. Options let you get out of dodge. As does a 9mm.

    I so appreciate the slot on the sidebar for January. The way you support women bloggers is truly unreal. I ain’t seen anything like it elsewhere. I am very similar when it comes to supporting Black owned businesses and ventures. In 2016 I bought all Christmas gifts from Black owned enterprises. I am in need of a shirt that says, “I’m rooting for everybody Black,” because that’s basically how my life is set up. If we don’t got us then who does? Nobody.

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  17. I love how honest and open you are and you are not afraid to speak your mind. I believe women should go together and not dishearten anyone and I do believe we should have equal pay; I’m not just saying that as I am a fellow women myself. I also believe we should have equal rights both for female and males such as violence and domestic violence.

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  18. You are so onto this! I want so much to see you all pass those smarmy old bastards by doing it better and doing it nicer. Beat them at their own nasty game and take your rightful places in this world.. Get feisty, get supportive, get creative, and get busy. Many if not most of us men are on your side. Go for it!

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  19. That opening quote needs to be on a t-shirt! For reals…. and I will wear it to school functions, baseball games – everywhere!

    I need to start shopping through blog links – I never thought of that, and I’m not fancy like that yet… My goal this year is to start generating a little money with my blog – now is as good a time as any! I do shop from my fellow momprenuers all the time… Hello – most of my clothes come my favorite LuLaRoe “dealers”, my lips from some LipSense slingers, the list goes on and on! I love Etsy too – but I have a healthy addiction to Amazon and Target I can work on sourcing elsewhere…

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  20. I really needed to hear this. I’m just starting out with a blog and I’ve been feeling timid about promoting it. I have no reason to be and I thank you for helping me to see that. I love purchasing from affiliate links from my favorite blogs. I only wish there was a reverse way to get a link…like throw it out to the blogosphere that I need some diapers and have someone point me to their affiliate link. Wouldn’t that be the shit?

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  21. Could not have said it better myself. I’m so “women for women’ it hurts. And I hope in a not so distant future women will be linking arms rather than stepping on each other.

    P.s. how about a little post about how to help get (this girl) some extra zeros in the old bank account. 🙃

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  22. Hey DG, can I put in a word for two of my favourites, Freeset and the Loyal Workshop? Both businesses exist to give women a path out of (often forced) prostitution. Good wages, training, counselling, education, healthcare, childcare, and being treated with the dignity they deserve – that’s something I can get behind. (Plus their products are great!)
    On a slightly more selfish note, if anyone’s looking for something new to read, my fantasy ebook is available here ( in return for a donation of any size.

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      1. Thanks! I did a review on my blog a while back of Loyal’s Alongsider wallet – it’s amazing and I love it. I’m hoping to one day have enough income to buy one of their bags. Each bag is signed by the woman who made it, which really underlines that woman-to-woman link.

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  23. Wonderfully written, girl.
    Your life story always makes me incredibly sad and I’m not sb who easily sheds a tear. You were a little girl who, despite the odds, believed in a dream, and became a woman with a vision, a sad duckling growing into a wonderful swan.
    Yes to all you said: sharing knowledge, experience, networking, a shoulder to cry on, whatever is needed. I’m IN and THANK YOU.

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    1. This cut off before I could finish commenting lol! What I meant to say was that your story is truly inspiring and I love how you managed to create this attitude about life even after all that hardship. I really admire you and the message you are spreading <3!

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  24. This reminds me that I need to make an affiliate button for my blog so I can promote myself. I keep putting it off because of a bunch of BS reasons.

    Question (and maybe you have a blog post about this already): How do you go about promoting your blog where it’s actually seen? Like, I know Twitter and hashtags and shit, but I look through hashtags and there are literally millions of posts; it’s easy to get lost.

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  25. I’ve been saying this all week!

    Well, not all of that, but some of that. 😊

    Over the last couple of weeks I read through a book** that emphasizes how quickly rights can topple, power can be exploited, and the fairer sex can be made to suffer through the whims of mad men. I gasped at times. I wept. Well, I got misty-eyed and said “no way, that sucks,” a few times, because men don’t weep, k? 😉

    The unholy truth of life is ya gotta go after what ya want, whether that’s something as simple as freedom or as complex and powerful as tons of bank account commas. You gotta know what you want; you’ve got to seize what you want. Your message, to women – to humans – is astoundingly positive and absolutely true. Because if you ain’t getting it for you someone else is taking it.

    Well said, again, DG. I think you’ve got a chance. A chance to beat Oprah in the primary, and take down the obnoxious clown in the main event. 2020 ain’t that far away, whaddya say? It’s time we had a president that ain’t afraid to speak the words, “damn america, get your shit together!”


    (*free for commercial use; no attribution required. 😎)

    [**read my thoughts on it at right now!]

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  26. Be meek; they say to us women through the nonverbal cues we become so accustomed to. Now I’m learning to say f*** that, pay me for my work and pursuing the money with a fierceness! I love how you capture what every female entrepreneur/business woman struggles with. Great topic on Girl power and being unified in our attempt of female domination ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻✊

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  27. Jesus, how in the almighty hell did you become fabulous you with all of the shit you had to wade through? Honestly, I don’t give a shit how you did, I am just so grateful that you overcame all that you did and are here now. You have reminded us that we need to look out for each other and do everything we possibly can to offer support and encouragement – something you have mastered – because we are stronger together. I love the shit out of you.

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  28. Thank you so much for this. I’ve spent the last 9 months or so re-entering the writing world and just started blogging maybe 5 months ago.At first, people thought it was “SO COOL” that I write, but as soon as I got serious about it or (heaven forbid) starting asking for money for it, it’s like I was doing something shameful. Women like you who live their dreams AND make money writing are my inspiration. And thanks for the shout out to us girls in the anxiety/depression niche! And I keep hearing about this Patreon button. I’ll have to check it out! Thanks again!

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  29. “You can still have a kind heart, and have fair and equal exchanges. You want to buoy some female economy? Start talking to the other women! Combine evil forces! You promote this, I’ll promote that. You pay me this, I’ll do that. Damn, girl, get your shit together and start expecting some this for some that.”

    This is a lesson I’m still learning. You’d think I’d have it down by now… but nope. I still feel like my time isn’t worth much. Still feel like I should gift everything because the alternative is strangely embarrassing.


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      1. Alas, it’s a story with more chapters to come 😦 It can floor you can’t it? I sincerely hope you are in a better situation now. My other half was made redundant a few years ago. We knew we would see the other side, we didn’t know how and we also knew it would be scary and messy in the middle. But we did come out of the other side and that knowledge kept me going through my own redundancy. And humour! Humour helped 😉 I shall come visit your site when I have some reading time 🙂 Like DGGYST says, we girls gotta look out for each other!

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  30. Hey Damn Girl! I love reading your posts, your humble yet ferocious attitude always gives me a new perspective on the topics you choose. I often share your posts which I find especially inspiring to friends and family. I would love to be considered as a feature on your blog. My blog is about my experiences with infertility; if you like what I’ve written I would greatly appreaciate the opportunity to increase awareness for empowering women in regards to their reproductive rights (which is really lacking). My site is not big enough to a make money yet (slowly growing as I figure this blogging thing out) but would love for it to grow large enough to do so.

    Here’s the link!

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  31. When I think about how money matters, my panic over the evil-rootedness can only be alleviated by considering how pooling our individual, “regular people” resources has the potential to literally fund positive change. I appreciate how your current blog underscores the very real possibility of interdependent financial systems, to help make “support for women” a tangible prospect.

    An illuminating statistic: Americans spent 9.1 billion dollars on Halloween this year, whereas our country’s financial contribution to ending world hunger is 1.5 billion.

    Think before spending, support the supportable – it’s quite hopeful.

    P.S. I would very much like to grace your sidebar. I’m crummy at monetizing, hence my state of being about two purchases away from my bank account descending into double digits, but I very much DO like to write encouraging words about thrifting and, you know, saving the world.

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  32. You are all about empowerment lady and I love it! You have empowered yourself throughout your life and rather than hoard your strength, you empower others and create an environment where women can rise up together. We need this. We need to know that we can get what we want and help each other at the same time. For so long, I think that women were silently (and sometimes not) encouraged to dislike each other, be threatened by each other and competitive with each other; you are changing those tides and there is so much more strength in the collective participation of women helping each other reach the highest heights. My 1070’s bra burning hard core feminist mom would have been waving your banner all the way to the government steps! You are a serious force to be reckoned with, and you know what, so am I, so are we all !!!!

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