“But I Don’t Like Other Women” and Other Immaterial Things

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“We are in the business of being women.”

DGGYST has been pretty heavy on the girl power lately. With “The Power of Female Economy“, and “So, You Want a Blogging Tip…“, not to mention the sidebar featuring specifically female bloggers, I have to address something that comes up every time I (or any one else for that matter) discuss supporting female industry. This sentiment:

“But I don’t like other women.”

I notoriously love the women. I was a labrador retriever in my last four lives and just assume everyone is my friend and they want to feed me biscuits.
Not that I haven’t not liked some women. There’ve been a few where I’m like, “You are not my kind of lady. Now give me a biscuit and get the hell out of here, bark bark bark bark bark!” So I respect that you may have had bad experiences that are skewed to the female gender.

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Perhaps you have found other women to be largely competitive, shallow, two-faced, and smelly. I would never tell you that I know your experiences better than you do, and this post is not about bashing women who don’t like women. But I will tell you that not liking other women shouldn’t matter when it comes to throwing your unbridled support at them.

But…I don’t like other women

“Support people who look like you” is something white men have known for hundreds of years. In fact, it is a lesson they have learned a bit too well. I mean, really, stop for a second and think about it. White men support people who look exactly like them to such a degree that we literally had to make laws and threaten to put them in jail in order to get them to put their support elsewhere. Talk about commitment.

You think about these nasty political battles that all end in the white men having a disturbingly sober dinner together despite the fact that they have just insulted each other within an inch of their lives.

When it comes to getting ahead, it doesn’t necessarily matter who you do or don’t like, it’s about supporting and networking with people who look like you, think like you, and have the same goals as you.

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Isn’t that kind of…evil?

When men imagine a female uprising, they imagine a world in which women rule men as men have ruled women.
Sally Kempton

You can use the strategies that work for powerful people. What you do with power once you have it is up to you.

There are a lot of concepts that give people, women especially the heebie jeebies. Things like quid pro quo, target marketing, self promotion, and even target networking. These things are extremely useful tools that can be used to either build beautiful things… or very ugly things. My hope is that if you are trying to build something worth building, you aren’t afraid of using the hammer.

Walking the walk

I own one of the two dance studios in my city. The other studio is owned by another lady. So not only am I in direct competition with this other woman, I do not like her as a person. I mean, let’s be straight: this bitch is evil and her biscuits suck.

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She’s the type that pressures people to tap into their 401(k)s and ditch the kids’ college funds because they haven’t truly experienced the joy of Tango until they have competed in the hotel lobby of a questionable La Quinta in Scottsdale.

One of my friends in the spirit of camaraderie said the other day, “God I wish she would just go out of business!” And I was like “Woah woah woah! Let’s not talk crazy!”

Sure she is of questionable moral character and rats flee when she walks down the street but I am not going to wish another female entrepreneur out of business. Whether I like it or not, her success is mirrored in mine, as is her failure. I’m not being dramatic. I have a firm understanding that having more studios in town creates a culture of dance. The more dancers there are, the more dancing there is and the more dancing there is, the more people will take lessons. I know that businesses that open next to other successful businesses are more successful. I know that I want people to associate women with value and success.

It’s not personal, it’s strictly business

I’m sorry if you have had bad experiences with other women; it’s a sad thing to feel alienated and unconnected to your contemporaries. I genuinely hope that you find a higher caliber of lady support in this life, because it is a lovely thing to have. I also challenge you to really examine any “broad” generalizations you may be making.  But in the meantime, let business be business and let it be a family business.

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89 thoughts on ““But I Don’t Like Other Women” and Other Immaterial Things

  1. I agree with you to a certain extent on this subject but when I feel like women aren’t being genuine with each other is my problem and ruthless women even if it is “for business”. I support most women in anything they might want to do. I guess everyone has an opinion though.

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    1. I wanted to be a bit cold with this post because I really do understand that people have had bad experiences with other women, and I don’t think I have the right to challenge these experiences. But there is a bigger picture, and I think it is worth seeing. Thank you so much for this comment

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  2. Such a great post. I think we are raised in this illusion that stepping on other women is how to succeed so we end up having this negative opinion of women even if we don’t subscribe to that Philosophy. So essentially it might just be smoke and mirrors or a chicken and egg scenario

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  3. A thought-provoking post! I’ve typically been one of the guys anytime I used to go out (as I no longer seem to have a social life at all!) and have had some negative experiences with other women and so-called friends. That said, you’re right, it’s broad assumptions that can keep the divide growing. I feel such kinship, if that’s the right word, with lots of awesome women online. That said, there will always be the exceptions, though these sorts of people are just mean/ignorant full stop, nothing to do with their gender (“this bitch is evil and her biscuits suck” – made me chuckle!) Great post! x

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  4. I love this post because I used to be that girl “ who didn’t like other girls” and it took most of my 20s to figure out that I was the awkward one who had a problem. It was like 99% of women spoke another language that I didn’t understand. But now that I’ve spent time trying to to understand the language and other women, life is much better.

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    1. Right?! I was coming here to say this! I sometimes think the whole “I just don’t get on with girls” thing is a maturity issue. Like, if you’re not feminine and you don’t know the societal rules in play for women, it can feel like you’re being judged in way that doesn’t apply to you when you’re with dudes, because their metrics function off a different scale, and that scale doesn’t apply to you because much as you think you’re “one of the guys,” you’re not. I spent my twenties figuring this out- I feel more relaxed around guys because I am a MESS, and I know that they simply won’t notice the things (that I feel shame about) that girls will. Like, that I am constantly in need of a haircut, and all my nails are broken, and I don’t always do the “right” thing in social situations, and I can’t dress myself.

      Guys don’t care as much about that stuff, so I don’t have to feel any kind of way about it. They notice other things, because they’re guys. They’re not noticing my raggedy-ass cuticles, or the shoes I’ve worn to three parties in a row…. they’re noticing my cleavage or the pizza in my hand. Is that better? No, but I do have great cleavage and the pizza in my hand is delicious, so it’s a bit like switching life mode from MEDIUM difficulty to EASY. It’s easier to feel comfortable.

      But those are MY issues. It’s my issue that I never really learned any of this stuff, and that I’m not confident enough not to care about it. And it’s not like women ever really say anything about it or are ever mean, it’s just the fact that I’m even aware that they notice. That’s enough for me to feel uncomfortable. If I were more comfortable with myself, it wouldn’t matter. Or if I didn’t care at all, it wouldn’t matter. Or even if I started getting my hair cut on time, and doing my nails, or whatever, it wouldn’t matter. But instead I live in the in-between place where I feel slightly uncomfortable but not enough to do anything about it.

      At least now I know it’s MY issue, and have actively worked to stamp out that mindset, and met some amazing women in my life who I try to make feel as supported and accepted and loved as they make me feel. I’m making progress!

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      1. Quinn, while this is a lovely comment, I can tell you typed them with less than stellar cuticles and therefore can not sit with us!! n hehehe. This is brilliant, because you are right, there certainly are different social rules with the different genders!

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      2. I’m a little puzzled. I considered women who got along better with guys to be a god send when I was young. My first two girlfriends were both intellectual, argumentative martial artists with mostly guy friends. Why do you back at that time in your life self-critically?

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      3. I think maybe my development was just a bit lopsided. Only half of myself was confident! Now I’m still very comfortable with the lads, but also happier with myself when I’m with the women as well!

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  5. I am not a competitive person. It isn’t in my nature (and it drives my ex husband and current beau crazy). I always give my best, but never feel the need to be THE best. Some consider it a true asset, others see it as my fatal flaw…. It is what it is.

    I don’t judge people by gender, race, social standing, sexual orientation, or any other category we tend to cram people into. I try to approach people with an assumption that they are trying their best at whatever it is they do – even if their best isn’t what most consider “good enough”, what if it really is their best?

    That being said. An asshole is an asshole. If you choose to not like someone, base it on who they are. You don’t need to like everyone. Dislike them for the right reasons though…. Don’t be a victim of someone else’s success.

    I wish more people thought they way you do…

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      1. I live in a small town where there is a lot of petty crap between all the women – especially moms at the baseball fields! It is crazy! We could have our own Real Housewives of Hollister show….

        When you can’t vote them off the island, kill them with kindness! Thanks again for the good read!

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  6. God bless you for having your girls’ backs. I know this sentiment can get lost if you’ve had repeated traumatic experiences with women.
    I was actually harassed throughout my youth by older girls who decided I was the sworn enemy. Why? Because of why most women start hurling biscuits at you: jealousy or fear (one and the same, really). They feel threatened by you for whatever reason, so humiliating you or exerting their power ensures you are kept out of the spotlight.
    This pattern, unfortunately, carried over into my adult life, resulting in my ‘superiors’ being just as obnoxious. The problem was, I’m a lil’ fiery and would reach a point where being unemployed seemed a much better option than being demoralized on a daily basis.
    But, I truly do get the reason they treated me this way; someone at some point most likely treated them just as shitty. This does not excuse their behavior, be clear. It just means I do my best to empathize and not buy into the belief that there’s something wrong with me. There is not. They’re just incapable of dealing with their own shit.
    So, I agree, supporting woman shouldn’t be contingent on whether or not you want to be their friend. We all know how hard it is to forge our way ahead in a ‘man’s world’. The least we can do is celebrate the courage and tenacity it takes to start a business or climb the ladder as a woman.
    That said, I’ll always draw the line at bad behavior. If someone is doing something to hurt, exploit or disempower someone else- no matter the gender -they’re most definitely not getting my business.

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    1. This is an excellent point and I have a strange confession: sometimes I admire these evil ass women! It’s terrible but i was always a fan of the villainous Disney characters women lol maleficient is a little hot

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  7. Well said, honey. There’s nothing like a little healthy competition.
    OK, it can be quite unhealthy and unproductive at times but it’s still good it’s there. Makes us more ambitious, strive for more and surpass ourselves.
    I loved your hammer metaphor. Nothing is impossible with the right attitude and a big enough hammer, right?

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  8. I get this on multiple levels because not only do I have ovaries, I have melanin too. “I’m rooting for everybody Black” is real as fuck. Their success is my success and vice versa. I don’t have to like you to want you to do well and too often we miss the forest for the trees when we worry about liking someone.

    Also, is Abby Lee Miller your dance competitor down the road? She sounds just as vicious.

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    1. Thank you so so much for this comment because I wanted this to resonate with my black readers! Tell me about “success” in black culture? It seems like a complex issue


      1. I mean that’s a very general question. In the corporate world it often means that the fate and opportunities of future Black candidates and employees rests on the success of those who came before them. When you’re the first there is an additional pressure on you to do well. If you don’t then TPTB will often say, “we tried having a Black woman/man in this leadership role, but it didn’t work out.” Next thing you know, it’s YEARS before another Black person gets a shot. Whereas white man after white man after white man can be mediocre as fuck or downright terrible and no one ever says, “Welp, we tried putting a white guy in charge, but it didn’t work out.” No one attributes that white man’s failure to his white maleness. So that’s one complexity of success

        In terms of entrepreneurship, there’s a while “Buy Black Owned” movement with varying degrees of success. I’d say that we’re often our own harshest critics when it comes to Black owned businesses. What many people miss is that most Black owned businesses are SMALL businesses and don’t have the infrastructure, processes, and resources of larger companies so as a customer you often have to go through some of their growing pains with them. Too often those challenges are seen as a function of Blackness and not as a consequence of trying to run a business with limited capabilities.

        Ultimately it is up to a business to meet the needs of its market. If it cannot or will not then it shouldn’t be in business. However, I’m a firm believer in giving people who look like me a first, second, and third shot. As an entrepreneur myself I would want the same.

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  9. This is quite thought provoking as I find in this movement for feminism we don’t always look past the immediate present to look at the larger implications of what it means to be where we are, and to look ahead to where we want to be. Thank you for your honesty, and for keeping your cool even when another sister has no chill. Reblogged!

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  10. I think a lot of the time we also have to reflect on WHY, exactly, we “dislike” these other Women. Is it, say, because they legitimately have questionable moral characters that we actually disagree with? Or is it because they side eyed us that one time for some reason? Or is it because male dominated economy largely strives off the success of pitting us against one another as competition without the “friendly” bit?

    Still, I agree. Regardless of your reasons for “not liking” other Women in general, it’s undeniable that that shouldn’t effect your spending habits as a whole. So put the “Friendly” bit back into “friendly competition”, and make an effort to actively seek out and support Women owned businesses whose values align with yours… Because the truth of the matter is this: If you want opportunity? If you want you or your ancestors to come to succeed? Then ultimately you need other Women to succeed first in order to pave the way; there always has to be a revolutionary, and let’s face it… Most of us are realistically not going to be it. But they can’t do that if we’re withholding all our support for the sex as a whole, based on a few shitty apples.


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  11. I LOVE this post!

    I think I’ve seen you comment on fatty McCupcake’s blog and you always post hilarious (and on point) comments, so i am really glad I finally remembered to follow you and check your blog out!

    Anyway, i think I might be another Labrador in need of treats at heart, but when i read this I want to send all my virtual dog biscuits over to you. I personally have had a bit of a nightmare female boss BUT it was still awesome to have a lady in charge of the organisation, so i worked hard for her, even though I wasn’t a fan of her management style. I am totally on board with the need to support women to reach their potential at work.

    I’ve attended normal business networking events where I was the only person that’s not a white bloke. Oh my goodness it can be intimidating, even if none of the men there realize. I mean, networking is pretty awful even if you ARE part of the ‘in’ group. I’ve also attended women’s networking events and they were easily the most productive business networking I have ever attended. There were some men there too, that was no biggy either – it’s not like we want to exclude them completely!

    Anyway, I guess my only extra comment is we also need to keep an extra eye out for women of colour, non cis-folks and women with disabilities too.

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  12. It’s also important to not fall into the false idea that gender, race, or any other distinguishing characteristic shouldn’t play a role in who we support or that it’s somehow wrong to purposely seek out those who you share traits with and ruthlessly support them. Someone made us believe a lie that one should not be influenced by these things while completely ignoring the fact that white men have done it for years by purposely excluding anyone who isn’t a white man. Fuck that whole, “best person regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, etc.” That’s just a Jedi mind fuck to keep white men winning because it’s assumed that they are in fact the best.


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  13. Men have learned the art of pitting women against one another. Well, women and other minorities, since we literally have to fight for the few spots they “specially put aside” for us in things like college and jobs, so we’re literally competing with one another to be that one Asian or Hispanic on the team. It’s sort of a biological instinct, too, apparently, for women to view other women as threats. I loved your point about white men just supporting one another blindly because they gotta look out for one another, and we often forget this because we’re on defense mode.
    Women really do need to get along. I’m kind of fascinated by those girls who don’t have any female friends and only hang out with guys. I used to be like, “Nah, they just don’t get along with girls, which is reasonable,” until I would hang out with them a bit and realize, “Oh, this is why they don’t have girl friends…” and it’s not necessarily a good thing to be honest. Not all women are catty, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t have a few good female friends, in my opinion. I would love to know your thoughts on this…
    Lastly, I recall when people were super duper excited that South Korea elected its first female president and I was rolling my eyes like, “But she sucks.” They were focused more on her gender than her politics and character, and then lo and behold, she was the first president impeached in the country. WHOO. Just because she’s the first female anything, don’t make her the best. If anything, her setback makes me wonder when the next female candidate will ever be elected president… There’s that extra pressure to represent your kind, which kind of sucks. Because white men can mess up however times they want.

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  14. first of all I love the whole labrador and bisquit thing. That cracked me up. Also, I applaud you for respecting a person’s business despite them causing rats to flee. As a white male I’m afraid to comment on anything else lol

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  15. Reblogged this on Liz McLeod Musings on the Day and commented:
    I was blessed with another woman ‘encourager’ just today, stating that going out on a limb shows you just how many skills you may possess that have been underutilized. Kudos to all who encourage. Believe me, I got your back! And to the others, may you succeed as well, if only because the more success, the more there is to share. Thanks for this reminder ‘Damn Girl!!’

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  16. Taking a page out of another thing white men know a little too well:


    Okay, maybe I’ve had some seriously bad interactions with other humans on the uterine-spectrum. Maybe some of them have been downright horrible. But, I also acknowledge that those are individual cases and shouldn’t color my perceptions of women as a whole.

    Also, I am totally with you on the fact that supporting women is good for all women, whether you like them or not. When I have money, I throw it at women. Especially women who operate independently. Not only is this just generally good for forging friendships, it’s been good for me financially, too. Case in point:

    There’s a girl on Etsy who sells pins and patches with a punk-witchy vibe (right up my alley). I bought some of her things, followed her on Instagram, like you do. I posted my new loot, tagged her to promote her shop (because if you get a good product, you tell people where it came from). I liked and commented on her posts. She was so grateful for even that small amount of support (seriously, it’s not like I have a reach of hundreds of people, or anything), we’ve actually become pretty friendly. Now, she gives me discounts on orders, she hooks me up with freebies (seriously, she’s given me probably $30 worth of her merch–which is a lot when you consider that pins and patches range between $1.50-$6.00), and she writes me the sweetest personalized notes.

    I made a friend and I don’t have to pay as much for something I would buy anyway. Because I shared a couple pics on Instagram. Supporting other women is good for you.

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  17. I love this because you’ve artfully articulated all the words that have been gummed up in my mouth for so long. As a lady writer, I LOVE lady writers!! Let’s show everyone how fucking amazing we ladies are at WRITING! But I’m still allowed to privately think some are a jerks of people.

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    1. In America, I don’t get along all that well with men whose masculine traits are too dominant or women whose feminine traits are too dominant. I rarely have anything to chat about with the former and the latter kept expecting me to act like the former.


  18. Loved this! I think there is this mindset that there is so little success reserved for women that they have to compete with other women for it and don’t help other women obtain it. We need to say “fuck that!” When we make it to the top we need to share the strategies and tools we used to get there so they can make it too.

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  19. Wow! Truly had me thinking with this one, because I have said in my blog posts that I naturally gel with guys way more than girls.
    But as I have gotten older and less superficial, I recognize that us women are not in competition with each other nearly as much as we are with ourselves, and that having a crew of really good women around is not only empowering but a blessing.
    Listen, there are some I will NEVER feel warm and fuzzy for, but I see the value in many women who are blazing trails and continue to inspire.
    Once again my “Girl crush” is mad real! Truly thought provoking! ❤️

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  20. I feel like that spy sent undercover to report on the uprising right now. 😉

    I admire your spirit, DG, and will be voting for you in 2020 (see previous post comment for nomination and tagline), but I have to tell you where I think you’re wrong.


    Not really wrong. You’re right. Like-people have got to stick together. The like people that I like, though, are, like, the good ones. Whether white, blue, green, yellow, red, black, male, female, or some combination of any of the aforementioned, and more, I rally behind, beside, and in front of the ones with the heart. ❤️

    You got heart, kid. I like that. 😎

    BTW, the line “You are not my kind of lady. Now give me a biscuit and get the hell out of here, bark bark bark bark bark!” made me wake up the house laughing. Damn you, girl. 😂

    One more correction, though, while I’m on a roll. That one line should read, “not to mention the sidebar featuring specifically female bloggers (and, once, Tom)” to be perfectly accurate. 😏

    Another stunning entry, sister…you know I got your back! ✊

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    1. Haha! Tom, I almost wrote that!! I have some Machiavellian tendencies for sure and an admitted admiration of women who can completely shed all decency, kindness, and social protocol, and just shamelessly go for power, because it is so rare and I could never do it. lol I will sometimes just watch Kelly ann Conway in horrified Awe

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  21. Ello gorgeous, I’m late to the party as always. Funny, I’ve always said that I prefer working with men because they are straight talkers, and being in my industry women are a severe minority anyway.

    However, I’ve ‘just’ start started working for a woman (actually I work for me, but you know, she’s my client) and the energy is just different. She’s straight-talking, but also has that feminine aura that’s very approachable and energetic. I mean, she hugged me on my first day. Her enthusiasm was contagious (without being all “go team!”) and I really enjoy chatting to her.

    I’m sure opinions are entirely personal on the subject and it’s down to personality isn’t it. I don’t think I’ve really been in too many situations to be able to speak with any conviction on the subject.

    So, errr, yeah, what you said 😀

    Love ya girl, keep writing stuff!



  22. My mother once told me that the only difference between a fraternity and a sorority was whether they stabbed you in the front or the back. I don’t think she had many women friends until she entered the workforce; growing up on a farm was an isolating experience for her, too. Fortunately after getting her CPA degree she ended up in a very positive work environment; the department was a real team.


  23. This was a fantastic post! It really does amaze me just how competitive some women can be with each other. Some really do try to step on another just for personal gain, which really never works out the way they plan it to. It is clear that men run the United States, but if women could ban together instead of against one another maybe that could change! I mean there are women leaders in other countries and they did not get there by being spiteful to one another. I can honestly say I have never been the type that just hated all women, but if I am mistreated by someone I will tend to be a little more standoffish, but never have I have been trying to cause anyone any kind of harm. I am not the type to be hateful and vengeful because it does not do any good!

    I absolutely love reading your posts because they are so to the point and REAL! I admire your abilities and really appreciate your insights!!

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  24. OMG I literally JUST wrote about competition and women! Recently, my best friend booked a role on the TV show “Nashville.” And while part of me was genuinely happy for her, the other part was like, “Fuck! What about ME?” It got me interested in finding out where this competition with women thing came from. I 100 percent agree that it’s about the bigger picture. Success for one equals more success for all. There doesn’t have to be a me or her attitude. So great seeing another woman championing this!

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    1. Oooooh Tanya @incurable dreamer is trying to get me on this show! I hope she saw this comment! It’s totally understand that you would feel that way! My opponent will occasionally book big events and I’m like “ITS FINE! GOOD FOR HER!” Lol

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  25. My admiration for you only continues to grow. Despite the shady tactics of your competition, you still see her value and wish her success. That’s just unbelievably beautiful. As women and humans, we need to do a better job of supporting one another and raising each other up. The world would be a much happier place if we all did that.

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  26. This is why I enjoy the blogging community so much, and finally have found other women whom I enjoy the company of – because they *look* like me. We are all entrepreneur or aspiring business women; we’re all writers, or photographers, we are all creative and vulnerable but have found power and strength within these aspects of our personality.
    This community, for the most part, is incredibly supportive and encouraging because we have all realised that for any of us to make it, we have to create an environment where all of us can make it.
    Lots of love xx

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    1. So perfectly said! The blogging community is absolutely amazing. I anticipated so much hate coming my way, being a woman with an oppinion on the deep dark internet, and have found the exact opposite. So many creative, amazing, supportive women, just like you Bry!

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  27. I have my fair share of stories over why I’m not a fan of having many women in my life as friends.. I’ve had bad experiences including senseless bullying, however I will always be proud when I hear of success and success other women achieve. I’m proud that we as women can do so much and we should find ways to compliment one another more.. encourage each other and to just be happy for others in general. I enjoyed this post DG you’re a wonderful and entertaining writer. Cheers

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  28. Amen to this!!! There’s room for all
    Of us to succeed and we should all always remember that karma is a bigger bitch than ANY OF US out here can be to one another. So pointless and so exhausting to throw all that shade! Just no.

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  29. Why must women always compete against each other? The other day I realized that I was unintentionally competing with my friend. I would always find ways to ‘upping” my fashion game when I see that she looked stunning the previous day. I would get jealous when a cute guy would notice her instead of me. Then I realized I don’t have to compete with another women, I am a FUCKIN BOSS BITCH! I am perfectly fine and I should be striving for my own happiness.


  30. Wonderfully said!

    I always get “You’re a feminist and support other women? But you can’t stand ‘so and so’. Okay, pal. Please back it up. Just because I can’t stand one woman doesn’t mean I can’t like and support women as a collective, ‘so and so’ included.

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  31. I think as women in this society we tend to have a flawed way of thinking where if one if us has something (looks, success, friends, relationship, style, etc) it means that we can’t have it…because that chick over there stole it (*pettiness ensues*). I think you made an amazing point about white men. Sticking together doesn’t mean we have to all like each other all the time, but it means sharing opportunities, money, resources. People will obviously split into subgroups, for better or for worse, but there’s definitely strength in numbers. Great, thought-provoking post!

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  32. Wow, what a fresh perspective that I never thought of. I, too, am a girl that loves building friendships and doing business with other women, but there are definitely those out there that don’t feel the same way. Pointing out the way white males have done this for centuries is so smart. By doing so, just being a white male inherently has power connected to it. We as women should definitely do as you say and do what the successful do. Great post, seriously.

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  33. I loved your post. I wanted to add my thoughts.
    I’m always uncomfortable when someone says I don’t like working for women or don’t like other women. Really? You know a few women that are jerks and the rest are tainted? You don’t know any that are good, real, worth fighting for? I propose what we should be saying is: I don’t like assholes in any form. I think it is woefully underdeveloped of us to blanket a whole percent of the population because a few were tainted by the jerk gene – male or female version. Yes, there are jerk gene tainted people everywhere, in every gender, in every color and in every flavor. Let’s stop supporting jerk gene carriers and the rest of us might get along more peacefully.

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  34. You are right. That thinks might be needed every girl. You are really a strong girl. Now the world is so competitive. Every one live there on fight. There girl is little think thats the world think. You do wonderful job. Keep doing my dear sisters. That’s Inspire many girl.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. I love your posts xx
    The passion you put is unbelievable. Really strong honestly I don’t know how you pull it off! I find what you write very inspirational and I respect the fact that you can get up there and say what you think and not care one bit about what others say. Thank you xxx 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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