Greasy Hair? Prolong the Shit out of Your Wash

Woman with long hair in the city

Short, long, thick, thin, blonde, or blue, nothing says, “I can’t manage my shit” quite like greasy hair. That being said, I get it: the powers that be deem that washing our hair everyday is unhealthy. Kim Kardashian is going nine days without a wash (ok five) and for some fucking reason we all have to do what Kim Kardashian says because of the deal she made one night at a crossroad.

So if you want to get away with washing your hair less, here’s everything you can do to prolong your wash.
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6 Things You Don’t Know About Applying False Eyelashes

A woman with green eyes and false eylashes

We’re kicking things off here at Damn Girl with a guide to applying falsies that will take your eyelashing to a whole new level. And as I am only a paltry two million readers away from quitting my day job, we are celebrating with a MASSIVE LASH GIVEAWAY! Simply comment on this post subscribe for a chance to win!

It doesn’t stop there! Damn Girl has scored you a 10% off coupon code to Madame Madeline Lashes. Just use Code DAMNGIRL and receive a discount on your entire purchase.

Without further ado, here are 6 things you don’t know about applying false eyelashes:

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