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I wanted to take today’s post to introduce my new blog, “Insomnia Girl (and the Very Important Thoughts keeping her awake)“. You have been so wonderful to me and I am so thankful to all of you for your incredible support with Damn, Girl!

Please let me know what you think of my new project, which is a comedic look into what goes on in my brain when I can’t sleep.

Don’t worry, Damn, Girl will continue with new posts after a short break for Thanksgiving. Next month we will be tackling surviving the holidays with your family, blogging tips, and more!

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and be sure to follow Insomnia Girl on Twitter @InsomniaGirlVIT!

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So, You Want a Blogging Tip…

Damn, Girl has been growing a bit fast. OK, scary fast.

My little three-month-old blog is reaching toward fifteen hundred followers and tens of thousands of views. Companies are starting to contact me about promoting their shit. Every blogger’s dream, right?

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But I am not writing this to brag. I am writing this because I’ve been getting dozens of emails asking for blogging tips… And apparently “day drinking” isn’t cutting it

So let me try and muster something better: Let’s start by knocking off that “I feel bad for promoting myself” shit.

I could tell you to “post pretty pictures” and “be patient” but those tips are everywhere and they are a lot easier than what you actually have to learn how to do:

As a blogger, you need to get comfortable with needing things. More than that, you need to get comfortable asking for those things that you need.

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